So anyways, I told you that I’d been painting Miss 17’s room?

Over the years, this room has had a few coats of paint. When we moved in, back in 1999, it was a pale salmony pink with those wallpaper borders that were so popular back in the 90’s. For the first few years, we used it as a guest room for when Mr T’s Mum used to come to stay. I banished the magnolia and floral wallpaper borders and gave it a coat of lilac.

When Miss T was 8, she moved in to this room. The walls were painted cottage cream, and she had a hot pink feature wall that she hung a feather boa and a gorgeous painting given to her by a dear friend. She even had a beanbag (from the same friend) to match. As she got older, the painting moved out to allow One Direction posters to move in. She even had a life size poster of Justin Bieber that made the dog bark. The dog commandeered the beanbag.


When she was 14, she decided that she wasn’t a hot pink girl anymore. She really didn’t know what she was.


We painted the wall a fabulous turquoise, bought a doona cover that looked as though someone had randomly thrown paint tins (and cocker spaniels) over it, and had some street art transferred to canvas to hang on the wall.


It was grungey and completely different from what she’d previously had. I didn’t miss either Justin Bieber or One Direction.

Now she’s in her final year of high school, she wanted something a little more beachy in feel. She had been buying dream catchers and shells, and wanted her room to feel how a holiday in Mooloolaba felt.

It took us months to find the perfect blue- soft, with grey undertones…serene not moody… We finally agreed on a Dulux colour- Roland. We teamed it with the Resene Ricecake (in double strength) that I’ll be using elsewhere in the house.


The pictures are original watercolours by pro surfer Felicity (Flick) Palmateer. They are fabulous. I think she has her own etsy shop, but you can follow her on instagram at @flickpalmateer.



The little shelf she has for candles etc (below)  is about $8 from Ikea. All the frames are also from Ikea- as are the tea-light holders.


She has a study nook too- which I didn’t take a photo of- and the little shell arrangement in the main pic is on her chest of drawers.

What do you think? It’s quite a transformation- and all done in a day!

2 Comments on “Changing Rooms…

  1. I love it – it looks gorgeous and very very different. I suspect this one will suit Miss 17 for many years to come!

    • I hope so…I don’t really want to be doing that room again!

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