Friday Five…and something about ambrosia salad

Summer drink with blur beach on background
Summer drink with blur beach on background

So anyways, I was walking along beside Homebush Bay the other lunchtime, when I burst out giggling. Giggling when walking alone probably isn’t the smartest thing to do- especially not at lunchtime and dressed for the partition- but giggle is what I did.

The podcast I was listening to was suggested on twitter in response to my post earlier in the week- 5 Podcasts for Writers. Chat 10 Looks 3 is by two incredible broadcasters- Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. It’s apparently about books, reading, film, television, politics, and food; but it’s also about whatever subject they ramble or bungle into. Including showtunes. It’s also my new favourite- the episode where they watch Fifty Shades of Grey, was hilarious.

In this episode- the one that made me laugh at lunchtime- they’d rambled into the area of embarrassing food crushes… you know, those foods that you adore, but probably shouldn’t tell too many people about. Annabel mentioned that hers was tinned smoked oysters. I have to agree with her there- man, I love those things in a daggy on jatz crackers sort of way. My embarrassing foodie secret is actually kraft cheese spread on white bread with butter…and taco sauce. Too much information? I digress.

Annabel was telling the story of a senator- Mary Jo Fisher- with whom she’d done an episode of Kitchen Cabinet. Mary Jo made an ambrosia salad that had things like marshmallows and pineapple and mandarins in it. She said that although it was kind of Elvis weird and shared much the same DNA as the cake she’d made for dessert, it was more talked about later than any of the real talking points.

That’s when I laughed. You see, my mother used to make this salad- back in the 70s… of course. It would make an appearance as dessert at special barbecues. Like a posh fruit salad. To be honest, I always thought that it looked a little like…no, I won’t go there.

Mum called it Five Cup Salad because it had- wait for it- five cups of ingredients in it: tinned mandarins, tinned pineapples, sour cream, desiccated coconut, marshmallows.

It would be all mixed together and displayed pride of place in the good glass bowl- the one that was only brought out for Visitors. Mum would serve it with ice cream or whipped cream. As kids we loved it. But then, I also used to love her devon and potato salad canapés. If you’re of my generation, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyways…to the Friday Five…

What I booked…

My ticket to the Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) Conference in August. The program is interesting and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m not great with conferences though- especially when I don’t know anyone- so I’m a little nervous at the same time. If you’re going, I’d love to meet you…

What I wish I hadn’t had to book…

The day after I booked the above-mentioned tickets, the alternator in my car died. Thankfully I made it home and to the local Toyota dealership before the power in my car died as a result. As an aside, it’s times like this that I’m thankful my boss lives so close and could act as personal driver for the day.

What I achieved…

I made it through to the last episode of Wonderland. Yes, I was supposed to be working on getting my manuscript right for structural editing, and drafting another- so some could unfairly claim that I was procrastinating. I happen to think it was research.

In Wonderland, it’s always sunny, Coogee Beach is never busy, it’s daylight saving all year round, and you can always get a carpark at the beach. Oh, and no one really does much work.

What I wrote…

On this blog, I posted:

Over on the astro blog, there was the latest instalment in my Tuesday Toolbox series of mini lessons, and a few bits and pieces about the Sun being in the sign of Cancer.

What I’m excited about…

I’m taking the day off today. I’m supposed to be working a 4 day week, but rarely manage it. This week I am.

What am I doing? First up is breakfast at Wild Pear with Miss 17 (who’s already on holidays), catching up with a friend for coffee, going for a decent length walk, and getting my writing on.

The weekend is busy. I have lunch in the city with some astropals tomorrow, dinner out tomorrow night, and I’m supposed to be getting a start on this painting on Sunday. We’ll see about that.

How was your week? More importantly, what’s your embarrassing food confession?

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  1. I think I saw somewhere your Astro blog has had a makeover hasn’t it? I had a quick look and it looks fabulous.

    God, half of my diet is embarrassing. Lately I’ve been craving chocolate icing on milk arrowroot biscuits. Something I haven’t eaten for a decade or so, since my coeliac diagnosis. My other faves would still be things like chip sandwiches etc.

    1. Yeah, I got the banners done for the astro site. Something I’ve been meaning to do for…a long time!

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