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So anyways, I’m drafting this as I wait for Miss T at maths tutoring.

I have a seat outside the maths classroom at one of the local high schools- incidentally not the one she goes to. The memories it brings back are not comforting. There is no heating where I am, and I left my jacket in the car. Yes, I know, first world problems.

On the upside, it’s an hour each week that I get to catch up on blogging or word counts…and when you have self imposed schedules and deadlines, and work in a partition for the rest of each day, you grab these moments with both (rapidly turning blue from cold) hands and write.

Todays post isn’t about that- writing whenever and wherever. It’s about podcasts. These aren’t just podcasts about writing, or podcasts about writers or podcasts about books…they’re podcasts that I listen to for motivation, inspiration, ideas, and interesting stories. And every writer needs motivation, inspirations, ideas and interesting stories. They also get me through my daily commute. Oh, and they’re free to subscribe…even better.

Of course, there just happens to be five…

So You Want to Be A Writer?

I’ve mentioned this one before. It’s great.

Hosted by Valerie Khoo and Alison Tait from The Australian Writers’ Centre, it’s well worth a listen. Val and Al chat about tips, links and routines. Each week they also interview either a writer, or someone from the publishing arena as part of their Writer in Residence series.

The chemistry is so good that listening to them is a little like I imagine it would be sitting down for a cuppa with them….or does that sound a little creepy and stalky? What can I say- essential listening if you’re into words.

On iTunes here.

The Wheeler Centre

For Books, Writing and Ideas….have you ever heard a better tagline?

The podcasts are taken from their wildly successful program of talks. I dare you not to find something or someone that piques your interest. On iTunes here.

Sydney Writer’s Festival

I so so so so so wanted to go this year. In fact- if you promise not to tell anyone-one of my bucket list items would be to talk at one of these events one of these years. Ubud, perhaps…or Melbourne… maybe Byron? Anyways, for now I just want to make it into the audience! Sadly, work got in the way last year, and this year we were in Bali.

All is not lost- some of the talks over the last few years are on the podcast. And, the best bit is, you don’t have to queue for them!

On itunes here.

Conversations with Richard Fidler

Ok, not strictly for writers, but absolutely for inspiration.

Richard Fidler has an amazing library of podcasts with a diverse range of interesting people. It’s open your mind and learn something new stuff. You’ll be surprised. On iTunes here.

The Conversation Hour

This one comes as the last hour of Jon Faine’s morning show on 774ABC Melbourne each day. He generally has a co-host, and a couple of guests chatting on anything from creativity, to war, to politics, to books, to sports, to urban planning, to mental health, to….well, anything really. On iTunes here.

Are you into podcasts? What’s your favourite?

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  1. If you don’t mind occasional veers off topic and naughty language, Johnny Sean and Dave of selfpublishingpodcast.com provide a ton of useful information in an easy to understand format.

    Simon Wheeler of the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast and Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn Podcast are also two of my faves.

    1. Oooh, some new ones to check out. I love Joanna Penn, so will definitely give these a listen too. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I like that Joanna includes a summary of her podcasts on her blog as well cos…. I’ve only ever listened to one podcast! I know… EGAD! I don’t listen to music much (ever) either, other than in the car. Perhaps I’m weirder than I thought!

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