More than 10 things to do with egg whites…


So anyways, sometime after the ice cream had gone into the churner and before it ended up on Miss 17, the floor, the wall and the dog, I asked the following question of my Facebook friends:

Question to foodie friends- other than meringues (which I’m already making) what can I do with 6 spare egg whites?

I was whipping 6 of them up into meringues, but what to do with the other 6? Do they freeze? If so, how do you defrost them? Is there anything other than egg white omelettes (which I loathe) that you can do with egg whites? And yes…I know it makes them (the omelettes) fat free.

The responses?

  • Meringues
  • Pavlova (which is, of course, just a big meringue)
  • Egg white omelettes
  • Friands
  • Egg white omelettes
  • Meringues
  • Egg white frittata…isn’t that like an egg white omelette with more vegies?

My favourite suggestions were those that involved whizzing some egg white into alcohol- margarita or whisky sour anyone?

My absolute favourite of favourite suggestions came from my sister- who was also the one who pointed out that egg white omelettes were FAT FREE. She thought that adding ham and cheese to the egg white would clear up the little problem I had about egg white omelettes being fat free, but also flavour free. Love it.

Naturally, there were also practical solutions such as freezing them in ice trays to beef up proper omelettes- more protein, less fat…sounds good to me. Apparently they defrost ok in the fridge.

It had me thinking, though…what else can you do with egg whites?

First up, there’s Annabel Langbein’s Cloud Cake. This really is as good as it sounds- a fluffy, frozen, light as air, pink marvel…and a go to dessert in our house during the summer. Then there’s Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup– the ultimate winter belly warmer.

According to an article in BBC Good Food, egg whites also, once stabilised with liquid glucose, make great fancy pants frosting for cakes. Yep…I don’t do the icing thing, so frosting is way beyond me.

Their other suggestions included bread glaze, mousse and macaroons.

What else?

Best recipe suggested biscotti (now, you’re talking) and angel food cake, and naturally Martha Stewart also had a heap of suggestions.

A site called Corgi and Pants (yes, really) mentioned zucchini fritters…but I can’t be faffed finding the link again.

Given that I’d exceeded my baking and organising quota for the weekend, I went with the freezer option, but I’d love to know:

What do you do with egg whites? Are you for or against egg white omelettes? Did you know they’re fat free?

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  1. Egg white omlettes are gross. Life is too short to skip the yolks. I have made a brilliant frosting in my thermomix- a swiss meringue buttercream. It was absolutely to die for!

  2. Life is too short for omlette without the yolks! My best use of whites is a swiss meringue buttercream made in the thermomix- to die for!

  3. I often have this question and to be honest, I tend to just throw them if I can’t use them. These days I usually ignore recipes that call for one part of the egg and not the other. You can usually find another recipe that needs both.

    1. Actually…I’m glad that you asked…6 yolk ice-cream for starters :). Thanks for dropping by, Janet.

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