Friday Five…


So anyways, Miss 17 and I spent last weekend in Melbourne. There are still a few posts to come, but we had a great time.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, she’s in her final year of school and the pressure their little 17 and 18 year old brains are under is incredible. The time out, the balance, the education you get away from the classroom helps bring all of that into perspective.

We were reminded of that more so by sad events this week. It’s so so so so important…they’re so so so important… talking is so so so important. Anything else is unimaginable. Which leads me to:

What made me cry this week…

The needless loss of a young life. That’s all I’m saying.

What I’m reading…


The Perfect Lie, by Emily Barr.

This one is way outside my genre and I’m loving it. I’m pretty sure that I’ve worked out what the big secret is, but I’m turning those pages way later than they should be turning- given the time my alarm goes off each morning.

What I’m worried about…

This one falls into the category of first world problems, but the neighbour on the high side of us has put his huuuuuge block on the market. When I say huge, I mean there’s room for 7-8 450m residential blocks. And in this Sydney market, that’s a real estate agent and developer’s dream come true.

We’ve been here since 1999 and have been spoilt to have so much space around us, that the thought of houses on our boundary is something we’ll need to get used to. How do I know they’re marketing it as a development? There’s no picture or description of the house currently on the block. As I said, first world problem.

What I’m loving…


On Monday we found the realest (yes, grammar police, I know that’s not a proper word and this sentence isn’t even proper grammar) bookshop I’ve been into in years. Tucked away behind the library in Little Lonsdale St, across the road from the Wheeler Centre is Embiggen Books.

Even Miss 17 who isn’t into books (apparently, they’re not an efficient use of her time) loved this place. We spent ages going through the shelves. What I loved most though? These coloured moleskines. A writer’s dream come true. I bought one in pink and one in aqua.

embiggen 2

What I’m looking forward to…

The 21st celebrations this weekend for a gorgeous girl that I’ve watched grow into an even more gorgeous woman. Speaking of which, I have hair to straighten and a face to put on.

Until next time…


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