Melbourne Street Art…The Update

Somewhere in Fitzroy- off Brunswick St

Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for street art. Not the tagging, disrespectful, dick and balls that get left on bare spaces by the completely unimaginative; but the seriously creative, inspirational, light the city up work that can transform a brick wall or a laneway into a masterpiece.

I’ve talked about it here…and here…and here. In fact, click onto the Melbourne option in the menu bar and you’ll find heaps of pics of street art…I even posted my own walking tour. If you’re interested, the link is here.

On my birthday this year, two of my besties were in Melbourne and decided to play a bit of a “pick where I am” game- using what they thought was street art to act as clues. The problem was, their idea of street art was crap- mostly tagging and the above mentioned phallic symbols- but the game was the most fun I’d had on a birthday in years.

Before I got on the plane this trip, I had to promise them not to post images on instagram from anywhere that I’d posted them before. This meant that Hosier Lane was a no no. It also meant that Union Lane was not allowed…although when I saw this image, I had to break the rules.


So without further ado…the best of this trip… I’m back in August for the Romance Writers Conference, so fully intend getting out to Collingwood and Brunswick.

I spied the masterpiece below when walking from our apartment in Exhibition St, down Little Collins Street. I have to admit to having a fan girl moment- I just love Rone’s work. Isn’t she magnificent? I went back to visit her at least daily.

Street art by Rone in Little Collins St...
Street art by Rone in Little Collins St…

Imagine how stoked I was to see another piece in the same building- a panel of 3…yeah, I know there are just 2 in the pic below, but trust me, the panel was 3.


This one (below), commissioned for The Lion King in Melbourne was in Flinders Lane. Magnificent.


Fitzroy is always home to a wealth of talent. The key is to look beyond the main streets. This one was off Gertrude Street. We found it when we were looking for somewhere to have breakfast on Sunday morning.


and this one was…I can’t remember where exactly. But I love it.


I’ve told you before about Rose St carpark, but this (below) is a piece I missed last time- mainly because it’s across the road from the main carpark. I’m loving the reality that creeps into the art these days. It sends more of a political message than a dick and balls ever could.

IMG_1571As for this one (below)- it’s just plain fun….


and was near the cutest vintage caravan cafe we’d seen in…well…ever.


There would have been more but Miss 17 stopped me from posting them. ‘Seriously, Mum? more?’

So, I stopped…posting, that is…


What about you- are you a fan of street art, or in the it’s disrespectful camp? Yep, there’s a fine line…

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  1. I love street art -if you look at what’s going on the world over, it’s a really skilled and intellectually engaging art form. (but with you on the taggers – I don’t get that they aren’t embarrassed at how crap they are compared to what the new standard is). We have some seriously fabulous talent in Sydney (big crush on Linz’s work). Great post! Will forward on to travellers….

    1. It really is a legitimate art form- when done well 😉 I really need to venture out of the suburbs & seek some of Sydney’s out. Thanks for dropping by…:)

  2. There are some amazing street artists out there. I love Deb and Phibs. Melbourne is glorious for this reason (and the coffee!) and Sydney should follow suit. We used to visit May Lane regularly to see what was knew when we lived closer.

    1. It’s all about the new stuff. I think it’s also more accessible than it is in Sydney. There’s some great street art here, but accessing it from the suburbs is a challenge.

  3. I was rather time poor on my recent trip to Melbourne and only really managed to find the tagged variety. This is definitely more my street art style.

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