Friday Five…


So anyways, I’m writing this from the airport. I’m heading to Melbourne for the long weekend with Miss 17.

It’s something that the 2 of us have been doing at least once a year since she was 4 or 5- have girly time. Just us.

Back when we started doing it, I was travelling a bit for work- mostly interstate- but regularly enough that it was important for her and I to have time where it was just about us. No housework. No work calls. No emails. Just us.

It started as a night in a Sydney hotel. We’d spend the day in town, have dinner in the restaurant and then go back to our room and watch a movie.

When she got older, we’d go to a show or a movie, dinner out.

One time, when she was a bit older, we flew into Auckland, hired a car and made our way slowly down to Wellington. A girly road-trip- no plans, just stopping where we liked.

We’ve done other trips with friends of mine, or weekends away with my sister and her daughter, and as great as these times have been, it’s these trips to Melbourne- just her and I- that we both cherish. It’s absolutely helped her teach her about travel, and it’s absolutely helped us keep a relationship during those teenage years.

What do we do? We walk, we eat, we walk, we shop, we walk, we eat some more, we giggle. If there’s a game on at the G, we might do that. We have a few places on the list we might visit, but then again, we might not. No plans, no schedules, no major decisions.

I do, however, want to explore one particular suburb a little more as I’m setting book no. 3 partially there…

What worked this week…

The online clothes experiment. I bought a grey wool dress, long-line cardy and long hippy skirt for boots from Birdsnest. I ordered it on Saturday, received it on Tuesday, and it all fits.

On the subject of things that have worked this week- this mornings train to the airport. Sure, you have to change a couple of times, but it sure beats sitting in Sydney traffic and paying a $130 taxi bill at the end of it for the privilege!

What I’m reading…

I’m reading The Improbability of Love. It’s about 3 bricks high, though, and just as heavy, so is staying back in Sydney. I just picked up Cheryl Strayed’s Wild for weekend reading. Even though I carry my kindle, I have this thing about buying books at airports. Go figure.

What surprised me this week…


Canada Bay Council have prettied up the river walk I do most lunchtimes down at Homebush Bay. There are little statues, and a mural up the stairs (see main pic). It makes it all a little more interesting.

What I cooked…


A raw tuna salad with avocado and a ginger crème fraiche sauce- from my new Sarong Inspirations book. Next time I’ll do it in little chinese spoons as an appetiser.

What I didn’t do much of this week…

Exercise. It was mad in the partition this week. On Wednesday I managed my 10,000 steps without leaving the office. No doubt we’ll do lots of walking this weekend.

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