Friday Five…

Coconut sorbet at Sardine
Coconut sorbet at Sardine

So anyways, it’s been back to the partition and back to reality this week. I’ve tried to keep the Bali feeling going for just a tad longer- and still have some random posts to write in order to drag it out even further. I’m still wearing my mantra leather wrist thongs and some seedy thongy bracelets, and there are still one or two dreadlocked knots in my hair, but one of my colleagues told me today that they’d been watching the glow start to fade day by day.

Anyways, it’s time for my weekly check-in. Those of you more observant than others will note that we’ve gone back to the Friday Five…who was I kidding?

What am I reading?


Chick lit- of course! It’s Finding Colin Firth by Mia March. Colin Firth isn’t actually in it, and it’s not about Colin Firth, but that’s so a minor detail.

The theme of this one is essentially mothers, daughters, adoption, pregnancy and, well, a combination of the above. Oh, and magic elixir pies. You’ve gotta love a magic elixir pie!

It took a little getting into, but then I started it sitting on the floor at Jakarta Airport at stupid o’clock and I was stupidly tired. Now, I’m loving it.

What am I watching?

Currently ice-cream churning around and around in a frozen bowl on the end of my kitchen-aid mixer. It will be coconut, and it’s from my very first e-book cookbook Sarong Inspirations by Will Meyrick.


We ate at his Hujan Locale restaurant when we were in Ubud and the coconut ice-cream was decadence in a bowl. I also had coconut ice-cream at Sardine and Casa Luna. Yes, I’m channeling Bali.

This will be the dessert in an Indonesian inspired meal I’m doing for tomorrow night. I’m thinking of doing like a home-made choc ice thing over the top so it tastes like a bowl of bounty bar- without the dessicated bits that my husband hates.

What have I been cooking?

Aside from the ice-cream?

I scored a new cookbook for Mothers Day- What Katie Ate- At The Weekend.


On Sunday night I made some prawn and hollandaise canapés from it for my launch party. These little morsels were so incredibly luxurious, that it could have been lobster tail we were eating. Sure the bread was good, the prawns were top notch and the hollandaise was from Simon Johnson, but man, I felt like it was first class all the way.

I also slooooooooooooow cooked a hunk of pork shoulder and pulled it into a garlicky, tomatoey, bread dunkingly good ragu. Also from the Katie book. #winning.

What I’ve done for the very first time

Ordered some clothes on-line.

I’m not a fan of high street and mall shopping, so it’s probably surprising that I haven’t tried this before now, but I’ve always had excuses: I’m a difficult size, I have a high waist, it will be a pain in the arse to return if it’s not right…that sort of thing.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

What am I looking forward to?

Melbourne with Miss 17 for the long weekend next weekend.

We do something together- just us- at least once a year. It started as a night in a hotel in the city when she was younger, moved to a night in a hotel and a show or a movie as she got older, and has grown from there.

It’s something we both treasure, and has helped us, I think, keep the relationship that we have- even through the teenage years when she should have been hating me. She loves Melbourne as much as I do, so we intend to explore and eat and shop and eat and walk and explore.

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  1. Hope the clothes shopping works out ok. I’ve bought a lot of stuff online in the past – particularly when I know the brand and they have consistent sizing.

    The long weekend in Melbourne sounds lovely!

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