An Interview…with Me!

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My bloggy pal and absolute favourite book reviewer, Deb at Debbish has interviewed me regarding the whole self-publishing process- or rather the steps I took to get Baby, It’s You into virtual print…and what’s next.

The linky thing is here… Thanks so much Deb for your support through this whole process. She was also kind enough to do a review for me. You can find it here.

Oh, and if you were after a copy of the book- it’s on Amazon. You don’t need a kindle to read it- you can read using the free kindle app on your phone, tablet, PC. And yes, I know the thumbnail of the cover is not showing- I’ll fix it when I’m back in Aus and have access to more reliable faster wifi.

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  1. You’re welcome. As I’m not a fan of chick lit, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it! It really did remind me of how much I loved Bridget Jones when I first came across that book a decade or two ago!

  2. Hi Joanne, Love Debbie! One of my favorite bloggers! and l loved your interview that’s why I’m visiting.., now… In love with your blog too! Wow! How fantastic!

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