Monkey Forest


So anyways, last time I went to Monkey Forest, I got bitten. For a small bite it required a lot of rabies immunisations when I got home. I told you about that here.


It was, however, my own stupid fault- I’d reached for whatever was being pulled from my girlfriend’s handbag at the same time as the monkey did. It ended up being an empty water bottle- something I only realised when it was too late. Speaking of which, we watched a monkey with a water bottle manage to open it and get the water out. Perhaps mine was just thirsty.


Having said that, I find these greedy, manky little creatures fascinating and full of fun- which is why Monkey Forest, despite being the most touristy place in Ubud, was absolutely on our list to visit.


Also, the whole forest has a cool, Indiana Jones feel to it- without the huge bird eating spiders and poison darts…at least I hope not…although you should see the size of the spider hanging off the bridge near our room…just saying…


The temple inside is interesting, and the antics of the young monkeys ducking and diving into the water is giggle worthy.


Yes, the photo below is blurry, but you get the idea.


Our favourite game? Spot the monkey mark. Somehow these clever little guys know exactly which tourists to target- and they’re rarely wrong.


What else?

  • Entry is 30,000IDR per adult.
  • 20,000 IDR will buy you a bunch of small bananas, and 50,000IDR will buy a large bunch. Despite the hawkers outside, buy your bananas in the forest.


  • Don’t attempt to hide food- they know you have it. The monkey in the pic below was trying to persuade Grant to give up his. He asked nicely the first time, and then got a little more demanding.


  • Zip your bag up, secure your sunglasses, and make sure there is nothing available to steal.
  • Enjoy…


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