How to make: Pain Au Chocolat Cinnamon Rolls


So anyways, every so often a recipe comes along that’s so mind bogglingly simple it couldn’t possibly work…and if it did work, it couldn’t possibly taste good….yet somehow it does.

This is one of those.

It started because I’ve been listening to Miss 17 blag on and on and on and on about how she’s craving cinnamon donuts. With those, I think it’s the smell more than the taste that gets you- like hot chips…they smell great and when you get them they are disappointing and soggy or limp.

Then I came across this recipe.

It has it all- the crisp, crumbly falling apartness with the hidden globs of chocolate that you get in a pain au chocolat, plus the heaven scent that is cinnamon on warm pastry. A little like a cross between a cinnamon scroll and a pain au chocolat- but so much easier to make. The longest part of preparing these for the oven was waiting for the puff pastry sheets to defrost.

Check out the recipe and try a batch this afternoon.

You’re welcome.


Author: Jo

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