An Interview with Emily Porter…


So anyways, yesterday I told you a bit about what Baby, It’s You is about.

Today we’ll meet the main characters through the eyes of the star of the show: Emily- Em- Porter.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Em…

Do you mean what do I look like?

Well, I have long almost black hair- not straight, not curly, but in between. I’m about average height- even though I feel really short next to Booth and Suse…they’re my best friends- I’ll tell you a bit about them later. Besides, I wear heels all the time, so you don’t really notice.

Ummm, what else?

Body wise I have no complaints. I’m not fat, just a little soft- I happen to think it suits me. The boob fairy was kind to me, the hip fairy was kind to me, and good accessories and well-engineered underwear takes care of the rest. I happen to think a little wiggle in your skirt is a good thing.

And work?

I run the development team for a software company. You wouldn’t have heard of it. We’re on Level 35 in one of the buildings at the other end of Collins Street- down past Elizabeth Street. I’ve been there for about 12 years, I guess. It’s where I met Suse and Booth, although Suse is in HR these days with one of the global IT companies. Booth has left and come back a couple of times- he’s more important than me, though.

What about the lists?

Suse told you to ask that, didn’t she?

Yeah, I like a list or two- doesn’t everyone? It’s about being organised. The only problem is, I tend to forget to look at them…except my playlists- I use them all the time. I have a playlist for every mood- even one for the gym…although I don’t go…but if I decided to, it would come in handy.

Where do you live?

I have a 2 bedroom apartment in one of the older style blocks in Richmond. It needs some work, but I have no idea where to start. I’ll get around to it one day. Besides, it’s ok as it is- except for the lime green cupboards in the kitchen.

It’s in a great spot- I could walk to the MCG, or even the city, if I wanted to…not that I ever have, but I could if I wanted to. It’s handy for the trams, and close to my favourite places to eat.

Are you single?

Not at the moment. I’m seeing Craig- we’ve been together for nearly 4 months now. That’s a bit of a record for me. He’s not perfect, but he ticks the boxes on my list, so I think he could be, you know, the one. His biceps are a work of art.

What about Suse- tell us more about her…

Suse is almost the exact opposite to me. She’s tall and blonde, really ambitious, and doesn’t suffer fools at all. She’s married to Richard- who Booth and I think is perfect for her. You should have met some of the tragedies she was with before him- she had a thing about bad boys. Boy, are we glad she got over that!

Anyways, Booth and I were bridesmaids at her wedding, and now she has 2 kids- Toby and Georgia. They’re seriously cute- and I’m not just saying that because Booth and I are Godparents.

In case you’re interested, Suse is an Aries.

And Booth?

Booth is just…well, Booth. His real name is Josh, but he’s always been Booth to me. Unless we’re at work- then he’s Josh. He’s a little thinner than I like my men, and has this gingery, browny, hair that sticks up like Boy Band singer’s hair does- but his does it naturally.

His attention span isn’t great, so he doesn’t do the relationship thing well, but that’s ok as it means he’s usually only a text away if I have a craving for pho or need company on a Sunday afternoon. He’s never very sympathetic when I’m going through a break-up though.

Booth is one of those guys who is always full of good ideas, but doesn’t really have the focus to follow them through. Mum- she lives up in Ubud in Bali with her partner- says that’s because he’s a Sagittarius.

What do you like to do outside of work?

You mean like hobbies? Ummm, I don’t really have any. Weekdays are spent at work, Friday nights always at the pub with Booth and Suse, and weekends doing things with Craig or shopping. I absolutely love scouring through the second hand and vintage fashion stores- there are some real finds to be had. Last year I found a Dinnegan kimono tucked away- hidden, I think- behind some granny shawls. I’m sure I saw the shop assistant glaring at me when I tried it on. I’m yet to find the holy grail- a genuine Chanel something or other. Suse doesn’t get it- she likes new designers…those edgy, inventive ones that haven’t really been discovered yet. She’s also a bit of a brand snob and likes what she says are quality accessories. Booth just thinks it’s ridiculous that I buy clothes that someone could have died in.

Is that all you need? Yes? You really must come shopping with me some day- I’ll take you to my favourite spots…


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  1. It’s funny as you made me realise I hadn’t pictured any of the characters. I’m not very visual so don’t think I ever ‘see’ stuff from novels. And I don’t know that I would have picked Emily with dark hair. (I must have missed that in the book!)

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