Operation Excess Baggage Week 18


So anyways, this weekly series started life as a rundown of how I’m making my life healthier, travelling lighter. Instead it’s turned instead into a new version of the Friday Five. The healthy habits have disappeared (again) under the chaos of daily life. I might be a few kilos lighter on the scale, but I feel as heavy as I did when I started this year. It is what it is. Maybe, possibly, I’ll get back on that particular bandwagon when I get back from holidays.

Holidays? I hear you ask. Am I going on holidays? I sure am. As at 5pm tonight, I have two blissfully partition free weeks ahead of me. Which, of course, segues neatly into this weeks round-up…

What I’m looking forward to…


Ten days in Bali. We’re splitting our time between Ubud and Legian- hanging out, walking, eating, exploring…and generally allowing the stresses of the past year to drift away. Well, that’s the theory.

What I’m celebrating…

Essentially this trip is to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary (which was yesterday). Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, sometimes it really does feel like it was yesterday. I look at our wedding photos and he looks the same, just older. I feel like I’m completely different- and it isn’t just the 20 something kilos.

Yes, that is my natural hair colour.


He’s still my favourite person in the world to travel with. When I told him that yesterday, he said it was probably the most flattering thing I’ve ever said.

What I’m excited about…

Joanne Tracey_Baby Its You- comp

The launch of Baby, It’s You. It’s next Wednesday. I’ve pre-scheduled a post for that morning with the link in it- in case I’m having dodgy wifi issues in Ubud. I have a few posts planned for this weekend to introduce you to the characters.

What I haven’t done…

Pack. I’m a last minute packer. I confessed that one before…here.

What I should be doing…

Getting out of bed and getting what looks like being a chaotic day underway




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  1. Deborah says:

    Oh, very exciting. I noted it’s up on Amazon though there was no pic yet when I checked. Have a fabulous holiday and best of luck for next week. x

    1. Jo says:

      Apparently the pic can take 48 hrs. Weirdly, I had to upload the version without the cover- & the cover separately. No idea how that works!

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