Making Your Mind Up…

ignore the dirty floors- the painters had just finished the ceiling.
ignore the dirty floors- the painters had just finished the ceiling.

So anyways, I mentioned that I’m looking to change the colour of our hallway, kitchen, TV room. This is a large space- and the space that you walk straight into.

My husband loves it the way it is, and sure, it looks nice…but it also looks dated and dammit Janet, I’m bored. (Did you pick up the little reference to Rocky Horror, there?)

When we first moved into this house (ummm in 1999) we had one of those paint stylist people come through- I was having the same level of indecision that I’m having now. This was partly because I was having problems seeing past the wallpaper borders and frilly curtains, and partly because the space is so long. Also, back then, we had arches in the hallways so the colours had to flow.

At the time, the fashion was to have different levels of the same colour family on different walls. Not half or quarter strength of colours, but different colours in the same family.

In the main space, this meant we had Cottage Cream down the left side of the hall, the left side of the kitchen, the left side of the TV room. We had a creamy yellow called Sunlit down the right side. As a feature at the end of the space we had a darker yellow- almost an ochre. The yellow went about 6 years ago, but the cottage cream has stayed.

Since doing our bedroom a few months ago, I can see just how buttery the cream is.

looking into the hallway


Hubby, however:

  • Doesn’t see what’s wrong with the cream- it’s worked for 15 years, it will work for 15 more
  • Doesn’t want to lose the green that’s currently the feature wall. He’s forgotten how much he didn’t want to lose the ochre that was there before that.
  • Doesn’t want to lose the daisy pic that’s been hanging there for a dozen years- which he also hated when I first brought it home.
  • Doesn’t want to paint again.

I get that, but I also get that we get too comfortable…and that green is just the wrong green. It doesn’t work with the dining furniture…even though it does work with the daisy. It especially doesn’t work with the lounge furniture in the TV room just around the corner. Besides, I do all the painting myself.

IMG_0530 copy

After a weekend spent driving to and from the new Masters, and putting sample pot after sample pot on walls, I still haven’t found the right green. They’re all too light, too muddy, too dark or too khaki.


I’ve even tried putting the sample greens on walls away from the existing green so it doesn’t confuse me.


I’ve decided that getting hung up on the green is the key to my indecision. So I’m losing it and losing the painted feature wall in the process. Everything will be the one colour.

The other thing is, I’ve been treating it as one space, yet functionally it’s not. It’s a hallway, a kitchen, a family dining room and a TV room.

I usually like to have one piece that I plan everything else around. In our bedroom, it was the Jason Law triptych that I bought. In the family room, I think it will be the Balinese ikat table runner that I bought at Casa Luna Emporium last time we were in Ubud. Our dining table carries this feel too, so I’ll be going with that theme. Don’t tell hubby, but as dearly as I too love the daisy, it’s getting relocated…I just have to take my time with it.

Watch this space.



4 comments on “Making Your Mind Up…”
  1. Deborah says:

    Your place looks light and airy. I had really dark feature walls when I had them – that washed tuscan look. A nice not-too-khaki green in my first place, then brown in my second. My walls here are all white. What I’d really love – though it wouldn’t suit this place (but would have been good in my last place) would be a feature faux brick wall…. as if in an old warehouse. Before I sold I was looking at wallpaper which had that look or even having a fake wall installed (they use thin edges of old bricks or something). My current place is small so I think white is probably best but with some bright wall hangings and art etc.

    1. Jo says:

      Yeah, it is open- which is good. I agree with you, though- white is great in your situation…but the question is- which white? 😉

  2. Tammy says:

    I like the current green but I’m sure it looks different in real life than on my laptop. The current Pantone green is Lucite green. I love blue/greens it’s what I put in my bathroom when I remodeled it. I love yellow too, I have two bedrooms and my kitchen painted yellow but not the same yellow.

    I can see why you want to change the hall color, the new paint makes it look “peachy”. I laughed when I saw your comment which white? It’s insane how many different shades of white there is.

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