So anyways, I’ve decided at the end of this week that endings are truly horrible- except when they signify the end of a week that had too many endings.

Enough about that.

What made me laugh…

Rocky Horror Show at The Star. Just. Fantabulous. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun at a show since Mamma Mia.

It’s over the top, it’s panto on steroids, it’s camp, it’s singalong fantastic, and damn, but Craig McLachlan works out!

Soupy dumplings and vino as an early lunch, great company, perfect day.


What I’m grateful for…


That the kitchen ceiling that was damaged in December storms, was fixed on Friday- before this weeks downpour.

Speaking of which…they reckon it was an East Coast cyclone. If it really was a cyclone, why wasn’t it named? Well?


I’m also grateful the ceiling held, can deal with the leak in the bathroom, and send endless gratitude for the invention of the podcast. My three-hour commute (yes, I could have flown to New Zealand in that time) was made so much more bearable with the company of Richard Fidler and Jon Faine.

What I’m planning…


More painting!

When the ceiling was re-painted on Friday, they had to cut in (that’s a technical painting term) to the current paint work. This gives me an excuse means I need to repaint…and I have a lot of wall to paint.

My only decision? Quarter akaroa or quarter thorndon cream for the main wall…seagrass or coriander for the feature?


I got extra excited today when I visited the new Masters store at Rouse Hill and discovered they had a whole wall of Resene paint sample pots ALREADY MADE UP… oh the bliss…


My Instagram pick of the week


This week he’s been posting photos from the Routeburn Track. It’s bringing back incredible memories.

What I’m doing tomorrow

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day and the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli. I’m planning on attending my very first dawn service. They’re expecting a crowd of 25,000 at my local cenotaph, so it should be a moving ceremony.

Lucky Dragon at Star
Lucky Dragon at Star

3 Comments on “Operation Excess Baggage Week 16: Reckon It’ll Rain?

  1. I’ve never really thought about going to a Rocky Horror Show, but I guess it does depend a bit on the quality of what’s on offer.

    Glad your ceiling got fixed in time and relieved you didn’t suffer too badly from the ridiculous storms. I can’t believe they lasted so consistently long!

    • Re Rocky- I’d been quivering in antic…….ipation for weeks! One of my faves.

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