Operation Excess Baggage Week 15

watching an approaching storm
Patong Beach- watching an approaching storm

So anyways, some seriously random shit went down this week- not to me, but around me…to people I love. People who don’t deserve seriously random shit of this nature. Seriously random. The sort of thing that makes you question why…and then sends you running back to check in on your lifestyle- and vow again to alter your bad habits.

Speaking of which, the step fest continued this week. Miss 17 and I did the Bondi to Coogee coast path on Sunday- it really is a must do walk if you’re in Sydney. Sure, there are some hills and stairs- a couple of sets which are butt clenchingly steep, but after every uphill slog is a downhill run…and an amazing view.

You’ll find the post here.

What else?

Lime week part 2…

The pick of this weeks bunch was Adam Liaw’s Kra Pow Chicken. This is such a quick and healthy midweek meal, that I have no idea why we don’t cook it more often.

What I’m looking forward to…

“Rocky Horror Show” at the Lyric Theatre on Sunday. I was prancing along the river path in Rhodes at lunchtime with my walking buddy the other day singing bits in…anticipation…I think I saw him roll his eyes.

What I’m reading…

I no sooner finished Angela Savage’s “Behind the Night Bazaar” than I had to start the next: “The Half – Child.” I’m such a series dag.

What I’m watching…

I know that I’m unforgivably late to the “Game of Thrones” party, but I’m binge watching Series 2 at present and, yes, I’m hooked. Of course it helps that I’m procrastiwatching…

What I’m struggling with…

Writing the acknowledgement for “Baby, It’s You.” You’d think that after writing and re-writing and re-writing and re-writing and…you get the idea…what is currently 98000 words, that I’d have a reasonable idea of how to write 200 to thank a few people…sadly, that is not the case!

What I’m addicted to…

Timehop- the app.

It brings up all your social media posts from this year, and last year, and three years ago, and…

This time two years ago we arrived in Phuket (see the pic above). This time three years ago, we were in Byron Bay.

This time last year, I was having a bad day in the office. Maybe I don’t like it so much after all….





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  1. Deborah says:

    I haven’t tried Time Hop but I should cos I enjoy posts others share.

    I couldn’t get into GoT. I watched s1 just after it came out. I didn’t love it but didn’t completely hate it. Sadly I left it too long before s2 (years) so when I started watching I just couldn’t get into it. (Was completely out of the zone!)

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