Sure the new iPhones come with an HDR function, but there’s HDR, and then there’s HDR…know what I’m saying?

What, I hear you ask, is HDR? High Dynamic Range Imaging.

And what does that mean?

Essentially 2 or 3 photos are taken at different exposure levels and combined- to create one shot with extra dynamism and luminosity…that’s 2 big words in a single sentence.

Quite simply, it makes your photos look better. It adds light when there isn’t any, depth when you need it, a clarity that’s almost multi dimensional.

So why don’t we use it with all photos? Because it takes longer.

Pro HDR requires you to hold the camera/phone still while it focuses on one, then a second shot. This can take a couple of seconds, so isn’t for anything mobile, or scenes where stray people can bomb your shots.

Compare the shot above (taken with pro HDR) to the shot below- taken as normal.


Compare also the photo below


to this one…


Big difference, hey?

As I said, it’s not for every situation, but when it works, it’s impressive.

The cost?

$2.49 from iTunes.

One Comment on “App Roadtest: Pro HDR

  1. Oh my god – big difference. Mind you my iPhone 4 is taking very scary photos at the moment – the phone, not me! I compared it to my mum’s and realised that the dip mine had in the bath a couple of years ago must have really screwed with its insides. (Plus the flash is permanently on, so….)

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