So anyways, I’ve been in deadline hell. That’s over now.

I’m ready to start a new manuscript, but to do that, to clear space in my head for that, I needed to clean my office. You know, file things, put astro books away, tidy the desk, dust the surfaces.

That sort of thing.

Now that it’s done, I’ll let you in for a look around…

My walls are choc-a-block. Nearly every surface is covered.

I love these ink and wash prints by Andrea Reid. The fish wearing headphones is a nod to my extreme Piscean-ness…and the fact that I’m often found at my desk with music blaring through my ears. The feather is about writing. The frames are from Ikea, as is the little shelf thing and the candle holders. I also buy their 100 pack of tea-lights. The over-sized dream catcher for my over-sized dreams came from a local market.



The little cement and copper plaques came from the markets at Queenstown. They’re all about water.


Moving around the wall is a collection of black and white postcards I bought in New York, and a Buddha pic a girlfriend brought me back from Thailand.


Next to this is my Love Is Like A Flower print. It’s by Garry McEwan. It’s mad, chaotic, and very pink. If you want to know what it says, the lines are here.


Continuing the journey around the wall is another by Andrea Reid. This one, a lion with a native American head-dress is for my birth-name- Lyons. It’s also for fearlessness and courage…and just because I like it too!


On the other side of my desk is some wall tiles I bought at Abstract– an amazing design store in Cuba St, Wellington.


I got these do it yourself flowers from them too. The oh so cute little all black kiwi came from a Nelson-based kiwi friend- the gorgeous Aileen from Mystic Trinity.


The photos are by my favourite Kiwi photographer- Jason Law. I have one of his triptychs hanging on my bedroom wall too. The kiwi popping it’s beak out was from a store in Takaka- over the mountain from Nelson. I wrote about it here.

IMG_0024My mood board started life as an ideas board, but is now just a whatever board. I love everything on it- especially the pohutakawa clips, the Queenstown kiwi, the Photo Booth strips, and my anything is possible fairy.


Pride of place on my desk, is my set of Chinese fortune sticks. I bought them at Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong. In the background of these is what I call the ceremonial cabbage. A plastic bok choy pencil holder, it’s one of the tackiest things you ever did see, but my BMF bought it back from Shanghai for a laugh. I love it.


Miss 17 in 2 days got me this goat when she was in China last year- it’s my Chinese astrological sign,


and my hubby bought me the solar powered dancing daisies at the top of this post. Daisies are my favourite flowers, and these ones jig about when the sun hits them.

On the bookshelves is a collection of photos,


and a collection of candles and crystals.


And the bookshelves? You can read about what’s on them here.



8 Comments on “Operation Excess Baggage Week 11- In the Office

  1. Thanks for sharing, so many interesting things to look at. I love the Buddha print and the Buddha with the candle the best, way cool.

    • I love my candle Buddha too- all I can say is thank goodness IKEA sell tealights so cheaply!

  2. I love the internet, we are over 9,000 miles apart talking to each other. Gives me hope for the world despite the news. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  4. Wow! what a great space! I think I need a mood board or something for inspiration. I’ve got nothing other than a WTF ornament thingy! (And a couple of things on my bedroom walls – currently a coloured grass skirt from Samoa MANY years ago and a wall hanging from East Timor. And a Christmas wreath cos it’s really bright and I love the colours.)

    PS. I can’t believe you’re ready to dive into a new manuscript already. Where do you find the motivation or energy?!

    • I used to think the whole idea of a mood board was wanky, but it seriously does help! Love the sound of the wall hanging & grass skirt…

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