Wild Pear…


So anyways, out here in the Hills District, there are a lot of garden centres.

These days, though, garden centres aren’t just about the plants, or the dirt and mulchy things. They’re also about the cafes. There’s something quite peaceful and outdoorsy about coffee and a sandwich in a plant nursery. Somehow it makes you feel as though you’re no longer in Sydney, but somewhere more at one with nature…or is that just me?

In the past I’ve often been left disappointed by the experience. The ambience might be flat, the outlook non existent, the menu boringly conservative, and the food disappointing. Wild Pear is different- and a million miles away from ordinary.

The Setting

Rustic and homely- and surrounded by nature.

photo taken in January 2015

The occasion
A girlie lunch to celebrate my birthday.

Birthdays call for cocktails, so we ordered an aperol and prosecco spritz.

What we ate…
We started with a haloumi and fig share plate. Served with sourdough and garnished with walnuts, mint leaves and the most amazing olive oil, this had us arguing over who got to wipe up the leftovers.


For mains I had the smoked salmon and avocado stack- lashings of pink and green on crispy sourdough.


My friend had salmon with pomegranate, crispy chat potatoes, and green beans.


Now, here’s the thing- I tend not to eat dessert. I might order it twice a year. Yes, really…it has to be special. And this dessert menu was special.

I had the turkish delight smashed pavlova with persian fairy floss. Just how gorgeous did it look? Way too pretty to eat.

Mish went for the orange and almond syrup cake with blossom honey and pistachios.

Neither of us made it through our desserts, but they were utterly fabulous.

Do I need to book?

It’s best to book- especially on a weekend. This place is not so secret.

Ask for…
If it’s a nice day- or even if it’s not- try and get a table on the balcony. It’s quieter, and you can look out over the nursery. Last time I was here the temperature outside was almost 40C- the blue sky photos were taken on that day. Yesterday was much cooler, but still pleasant on the deck.

table with a view
table with a view

The service…
At times, the service can be a little neglectful- our drinks arrived midway through our starter- but our waitress was lovely.

The cost…

More expensive than your run of the mill garden centre coffeeshop- but this is not run of the mill. Mains are between $19-$30.

Check out…
The milkshake of the day

If you’re vegetarian…
you’ll find plenty of options. Last time I came here I ordered the tomato and mozzarella bruschetta and


the corn and quinoa fritters with a kick arse chilli jam.


I have my heart set on the sweet pea falafel for next time…because there will be a next time…

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