What’s in the Bucket?…An Update

"inside" the bar

Tomorrow I’ll be turning (gulp) 48.

I had problems turning 40. In fact, it was at least 3 years before I’d admit to it- let alone say an age out loud beginning with it.

A birthday means a bucket list update. I’m not a list maker- except for when it comes to bucket lists. I’ve written about them here , here and here.

My bucket list- as it stands right here and now- is below. The fine print is that it’s subject to change without notice. The fine fine print is that I intend to make a dent in this before I’m 50. The fine fine fine print is that this doesn’t include places I want to go- just the things I want to do…I have another list of places I want to go to (or go back to)…maybe that’s a post for later…

  1. Sign a publishing contract…or two… Self publish a book or three
  2. Make a proper living from writing
  3. Resign a job
  4. Walk the Routeburn Track or Milford Track. I’ve ticked off Routeburn in Feb 14
  5. Walk the Milford Track
  6. Hike to Mt Kosciusko
  7. Walk the Overland Track or Bay of Fires in Tasmania. I haven’t decided which…yet.
  8. Walk some of the coastal track in Cornwall
  9. Spend Christmas in the northern hemisphere
  10. Parapunt off the Gondola Hill in Queenstown. The idea of bungey does nothing for me, and I can’t even consider jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane. I’ve done paragliding off the beach in Penang, but if I’m going to jump off anything, Queenstown is where I would do it. This one has been crossed off because I decided not to do it.
  11. While in Queenstown, I’ll add zip lining to the list. That’s where you zip down the hill through a series of flying fox type lines. Feb 14
  12. Climb a volcano- I’m thinking Tongariro in NZ.
  13. Climb a mountain- I’m thinking Mt Kinabalu in Borneo or Mt Fuji in Japan. Given that the hiking season is a different season to cherry blossoms, a choice might need to be made here…
  14. I’ve done the jet boat thing at Huka Falls, and on Lake Wakatipu, but really want to do it at Shotover Canyon too. Yep, Queenstown again. Feb 14
  15. Ride a camel on the beach at Broome at sunset
  16. Ride an elephant in Thailand April 13
  17. Check out the Victorian high country
  18. Ride a horse in the Victorian high country or Snowy Mountains
  19. swim with whale sharks
  20. Swim with sea turtles in Hawaii or Mexico
  21. Go snorkelling in the Barrier Reef
  22. Spend a week at a posh health retreat- something like Gaia or Gwinganna where you do yoga at the crack of dawn, complain about there being no alcohol, and eat gourmet health food.
  23. Lose 20kgs, wear an age inappropriate bikini- or a tankini- without too many bits hanging over the top.
  24. Learn to run. Run 10kms. I gave this one up as a bad joke.
  25. See a whale breach- you’d think this one would be easy, but sadly, despite a few efforts at whale watching I’ve yet to see one.
  26. Attend an AFL Grand Final at the MCG. It would be an added bonus if St Kilda or Richmond were playing. I’d consider the Anzac Day match a tick.
  27. Live in another country for at least a month.
  28. Learn to cook a steak…to order…
  29. See the northern (or southern) aurora…lights, that is…and photograph them.
  30. Swim in warm, turquoise water in Koh Samui, or one of the other Kohs. ***This is a partial tick as the waters at Koh Khai off Phuket were glorious*** (see pic below…)


Hubby has just told me that I can’t have more than one of the same type of activity on here. I’ve done Routeburn, so I can’t include any other walk on my list. He also reckons that I can’t keep adding items as I choose to. I told him that he’s missing the point.

It’s possibly lucky that he hasn’t yet seem my places to go list!

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  1. I love your list and the fact you are ticking stuff off! I don’t have a bucket list but mine would involve less exploration / travel.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow, in case I forget then!

    1. Happy Belated Birthday!

      I didn’t have a problem turning 40 at all, 30 was another story though. I’m afraid turning 50 next year is going to be harder than 30.

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