Operation Excess Baggage Week 7- Why I walk in the Dark


So anyways, I’ve gotten into the habit of early morning walking, and, it’s a good one.

At least 4 mornings a week I’m out there before 6am pounding the pavement and watching the sun come up.

It’s time to think, time to listen- to podcasts, to birds, to the suburbs waking up.

Miss 16 comes with me some mornings. Then it’s time to listen to her. We swap ideas, we brainstorm problems, and we talk about crap. In our ramblings I get to know what’s really going on with her.

The other morning she commented on how everyone seems nicer in the mornings. Everyone smiles and says hello.

‘And they shouldn’t, because it’s so early.’

When she walked mid morning during the holidays, no one smiled. The worst, she said, were the yummy mummies on their lycra’d power walks. We have a lot of yummy mummies in our suburb. ‘They never smile.’

In the mornings, though, despite the hour, most people do- except the yummies…they’re not up yet.

‘Yes, it’s because none of us have had time to get into a bad mood yet.’

It’s also because we’re ticking something off our to-do list before the day has even started. We get to listen to the birds wake up- gently before the squadrons of cockatoos scream past with their “look at me, look at me” squawking. We get to de-stress before we’ve started.

Mostly, though, it’s because we get to look at the sunrise.


Here in Sydney, we’re still on daylight saving. That means that it’s dark when I’m starting out. There’s the faintest sliver of light on the horizon.


Soon, it’s exploded across the sky in a blaze of colour.


And that’s the best thing about the early mornings- no matter what crap happens later in the day, you had that blaze of light…and have the promise of another tomorrow.

Until next time,





2 comments on “Operation Excess Baggage Week 7- Why I walk in the Dark”
  1. Zohra says:

    Nice! Enjoy your walks!

  2. Deborah says:

    Great habit. I wish I could force myself to be more of a morning person!

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