App Road Test: Candy Camera


So anyways, some of you know how partial I am to a photo app or three- especially as a procrastination device… Enter Candy Camera (available on iTunes and android).

I’ve been crushing on Matt Crump’s work for a while now through instagram, and wanted a filter (or two) that could add that level of happiness to my more mediocre efforts. Although I’m not great at the whole minimalism thing, this app comes pretty close to what I was after.

It’s not as easy or as intuitive to use as I would have liked- I have trashed a number of accidental photos of the floor, my computer, the steering wheel, in my efforts to transform an existing photo, but once you get the hang of it, the results can be pretty cool.

Most of the photos I post to this blog are from my iPhone. Some are filtered, most are not. When it comes to filters, it’s not so much about the photo editing, as the way a filter can capture the way you felt when you took that photo.

Like the lantern in the main picture. This shot was taken in the food hall at the shopping centre where I get my coffee each morning. They’ve been put up for Chinese New Year. There’s just something about Chinese lanterns that make me feel hopeful. I think it’s the colour or the abundance or the celebration. As you can see from the original below, it looked pretty dull in normal light.


but with some extra whitening from the adjustment options (the scissors),


the help of Cherryade from the selfie range of filters (the little film roll),


it’s now looking exactly the way I felt when I saw it.

I did the same with the sunflower I took on my lunchtime walk (the filter is baby pink from the selfie range)


and the water view from brunch at Newport (filter is lemonade- also from the selfie range).



Last Saturday we met friends for lunch at Walsh Bay (post to come). The day was dull and humid- manky in that way that Sydney Februaries tend to get.

I took the obligatory finger wharf shot…boring.


Add the fantastic filter from the classic range, and it’s now fun lunch by the water…


What about you? Are you into filters or prefer your photos in their raw natural glory?




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  1. Deborah says:

    Love them. I haven’t installed this one but am most definitely a filter fan!

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