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So anyways, I told you last week I was cleaning up my act- alcohol wise- for a month? Well, so far so good.

This is something I’d been dreading having to do- which is one of the reasons why I decided I had to do it.

My nightly one glass a night had crept up to a couple- especially over the Christmas New Year period…plus a few more on a weekend. It was a habit that needed to be pulled back completely before I could reintroduce it in a more moderate and conscious way.

When I told them, people said things like:

‘Your skin will be so much better.’

‘Your sleep will be so much better.’

‘Your morning digestion will be so much better.’

‘You’ll feel so much better.’

‘You’ll lose so much weight.’

So far none of this has happened…but then, it has only been 6 days.

I’m noticing no difference in my skin tone, my digestion is unchanged, and I feel no better. My sleep is still disturbed, but it takes me longer to fall asleep. And that’s where the problem lies- I have no idea how to relax after a crappy day other than with a glass of wine…

My days are full- let’s face it, we’re all busy. My weekday schedule looks something like:

I’m up at 5.30am, walking by 5.45, home by 6.45 and in the car for the commute to work by 7.15.

On the return leg, I’m home by 5.45, at the gym/chiro/dentist/whatever with Miss 16 by 6, home by 7ish, eating around 7.30, and back in front of the PC by 8.30 to start my writing work- depending on what it is I’m working on. At the moment I have a structural edit to finish for my novel plus weekly deliverables on a big commissioned astro job. I’ll work until 10, wind down with a book for half an hour or so, and try to be asleep by 11.

My relaxation time is that half hour from 7 when hubby cooks dinner (yes, I’m lucky) and we chat through the day. He has a beer, I have a wine. Then I’ll have another with dinner. Some nights I even have another. It’s that first wind down one I’m missing.

I don’t eat or drink sugar (other than the fermented version…lol) so have substituted my wine with sparking mineral water and a squeeze of lime. It’s nice, but I’m still wound up.

The first night I made a cup of my favourite herbal brew. Nope, not even nearly the same. Another night I took the pooch for a walk. The exercise took the edge off, but it meant that I missed that no TV, no interruptions catch up with the family.

Speaking of exercise, I’m doing well over my goal steps during the day, so the issue is not one of stress relief through exercise- in fact, I’m moving more- mainly because I’m so strung out.

I’m absolutely not craving the wine- nor am I attempting to replace it with anything else sugary. I was worried about that.  No…the issue is quite simply that I’ve forgotten how to cope with the end of the day without that full stop to the day…or, in my case, the full stop to the partition part of the day before the writing part can start.

In a way I’m glad that I am so busy- it’s another reason why I need to learn how to do the wind down thing during the week without the assistance of wine. I’m persisting with the mineral water option- if I pop it in the right glass with some ice, it looks just like a vodka soda.

One thing I have noticed this week is how much more alert I am for my nightly writing sessions and how clearer my head feels in the morning. I didn’t think I drank enough to make that sort of difference. So that’s why even though I’m not sleeping any better, feeling any better, or looking any better, I’ll be persisting with changing my midweek wine habit- because I’m starting to feel even just a teeny bit stronger in the head.

Anyone with any healthy, (no added) sugar free, alcohol free ideas to help me turn “cocktail” hour into something I can relax into?



5 Comments on “Operation Excess Baggage Week 5: No Wining…

  1. The things that have helped me the most are taking a 250mg magnesium supplement with my evening meal, it keeps me from “flip flopping” when I should be asleep. Having a program called f.lux that changes the brightness of my computer screen and drinking something called “sleepytime tea”. You probably don’t have that particular tea but it contains chamomile, green tea and some natural flavors.

    I’ve been taking probiotics for almost a month and so far nothing has changed, no miraculous transformation, nothing. So I understand how you feel.

    • Thanks Tammy. I’ll def give the magnesium a go. I have the sleepy time in my cupboard- I’m a bit of a herbal tea hoarder…perhaps I should drink them rather than store them!

  2. Ah yes… I completely understand that – in many ways – it’s more about the process than the wine itself. As you know I kinda use my baths for that. It’s a ritual of sorts.

    I haven’t given up alcohol very often but usually within a week or two I’m past the habit. Unfortunately it then doesn’t take much to creep up again…

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