So anyways, we had 3 days of rain here in Sydney this week. We needed it but. (Yes, I know that last sentence isn’t grammatically correct).

Monday, Australia Day, wasn’t too bad, but Tuesday and Wednesday it was pissing down. This plays havoc with the steps- especially when commitments after work meant that a trip to the gym was out of the question. This meant laps around IKEA in my lunch break.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m the type who can get addicted to the numbers- I’m of the if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist mentality. I admire those whose self awareness and spatial awareness is more logical in nature. A fitbit is then the best and the worst of accessories for me.

It’s great in that I’m aware of what I’m doing or what I’m not doing. Seeing 3,000 steps on your phone when you’ve sat on your arse all day typing is a reminder that you actually have to move- and yes, again, I know some of you don’t need these reminders.

On the downside, I become obsessed by the numbers and achieving the numbers. A friend, a fellow fit-bitter says the same…so I’m not alone in this. It’s become a bit of a joke- like a trending hashtag #youknowyoureaddictedtofitbitwhen…

What else?

Last week was about getting back into the swing of things- it was a mad mad week. Mad bad in parts, but on the whole just mad mad. At present I’m juggling 5 busy days in the office, completion of the edit of my manuscript (due for copyedit at the end of Feb), plus a big astro writing job that has gone from having a (probable end) March deadline to having weekly deliveries from next week for the next 6-7 weeks. I suspect things will be mad mad (and possibly mad bad) at least until then. It’s all good though.

I mentioned last week how even though I was deliberately not restricting myself food wise, it was easy to eat and exercise well up there. As a result, the numbers on the scales held firm- which is what I’d been aiming for.

My end of month tally? A respectable 3kg loss in January. I’m happy with that.

Next week?

I’m tackling the biggie next week. Alcohol.

Over the last months (notice I didn’t say how many) my daily consumption has crept up. Sure there’s been an AFD (alcohol free day) here and there, but on the whole it’s been at unhealthy levels. So, I’m kicking it to the curb for a month. Given that I’m not much of a joiner, I’m not doing Febfast, per se, I’m simply choosing Feb because it’s a neat 28 days- exactly 4 weeks…and it’s now.

Why go cold turkey? Part of the answer to that is I want to know how it feels without having it in my life at all for a while. Part of the answer is that I know I’m better at re-callibrating when I’m coming back from a ground zero position. Part of the answer to that is I want to prove that I can. Part of the answer is that many family and friends have told me I can’t do it.

Interestingly, the last time I went a whole month without it- Feb 2 years ago- I craved sugar. This was interesting in that I tend not to eat anything sweet, and naturally restrict those products containing added sugar…but makes sense in that I was probably satisfying an underlying craving for sweetness through alcohol.

( I’m not on the IQS bandwagon or anything like that…I just don’t like the after-taste of sweet things, so I tend not to eat sugar. I’m that strange person who really doesn’t want any of the birthday cake and really doesn’t want to order dessert and really doesn’t need an extra teaspoon to share yours. I might have one, maybe two well chosen desserts a year- and then they usually have a tart or savoury aspect to them. )

I really really enjoy my wine, so these next 4 weeks will be difficult- I’m under no illusions about that. I’ll let you know how I go.

What about you? Are you good with boundaries and moderation, or are you more of an all or nothing toe too? Have you every given up alcohol (or something else) completely?

9 Comments on “Operation Excess Baggage: Week 4

  1. “Are you good with boundaries and moderation, or are you more of an all or nothing toe too? Have you every given up alcohol (or something else) completely?”

    I’m not good with boundaries. Mars, Sun, Mercury in the 12th house with Saturn in Pisces. LOL Moderation not so much with Jupiter in Cancer but I do give up alcohol completely for months and years at a time. My father’s side of the family has alcoholics so I’m always on guard with how much and why I’m drinking. Oddly if I eat yogurt I don’t care about sweets so maybe a low sugar yogurt might help you out?

    • Thanks for the tip. I love natural yoghurt- that lovely thick Greek style, so will get some in & give it a go.

  2. Good luck! I completely removed pop and sugary juices from my diet, all I drink is water, tea and fresh smoothies! It’s hard but as long as you’re consistent you’ll make it!

    • Thanks! And well done- those sugary drinks can be seriously tough to remove.

      • It’s a huge change. Whenever I do catch myself sipping on one I can’t handle the sweetness unless it’s fresh. Because all i can taste is the sugar

  3. Good luck, Jo. I know you do love a glass of vino. You can do it!

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