Only the stalwarts were in the surf this morning…


So anyways, today I’d planned to walk from Mooloolaba to Cotton Tree…and back again…before breakfast. The return trip would be around 9kms.

To reward this effort, would be the one and only eggs bennie of the holidays.

That was the plan.

This morning, though, the rain bucketed down, and my plans were changed. Instead of walking 9kms, I walked 10mins- to Hot Pipis for the eggs benedict. Yes, that part of the plan remained the same. And it was a good bennie.


Having said that, I’ve been doing extremely well on the steps front. Up here it’s been easy. It’s also been necessary as I have been deliberately not dieting this week. I haven’t been stupid about it- we’ve been eating quite healthily most of the time- as I said before, up here it’s been easy. But I have wanted to enjoy it all, so the extra steps have been necessary.

This week I’ve stepped up the challenges and accepted a couple of daily showdowns, as well as my regular motivational challenge with my Facebook buddy Mel. It sounds simple, but the level of support from these virtual buddies is invaluable. Sure it’s a competition, but our aim is more about getting the steps logged. You see, when you spend your day on your bum, it’s all too easy to lose awareness of how much you don’t move.

Over the past few weeks, my steps have increased. I started off aiming for 60,000 a week:

Week 1: 59,763

Week 2: 73,658

Week 3: 71,353- with 2 days to go.

It will be tougher at home, back at work, but I’m going to continue the 70k a week habit. I’m really enjoying my walking again…and that makes it easier to drag on the trainers each day.




3 Comments on “Operation Excess Baggage Week 3: On Holiday

  1. Wow! Great work! I’ve said it before… I hate to think what my daily steps’ totals would be?!

    • lol. It makes you aware of your movement- & for me, awareness is a large part of it.

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