Beachcomber on the Spit: A Review


So anyways, we’ve been coming up here, to Mooloolaba, on and off since Miss 16 was Miss 6 months. I’ve already told you that.

We’ve missed some years, but it feels comfortable. It’s a place that feels like it could be home- and, indeed, it’s a place we’ve spoken about when talking about retirement- something that isn’t that many years away for Mr T.

The reason we’ve missed a couple of years recently has been because the apartments we’d been staying in every year had stopped feeling comfortable. It had started to feel dated and as my sleeping patterns had worsened over the years, it was also too noisy at night. I was coming back to Sydney more tired and strung out than when we went away.

I loved being up here, but I dreaded the drive up and back, and I dreaded the nights…so we missed a couple of years.

Then I found this apartment.

Beachcomber on the Spit.


Located on the Spit (yes, the name is a giveaway), with the beach literally at the back door- and by literally, I mean no roads to cross, the beach is just beyond this little track- and the Canal across the road, you couldn’t ask for a better location. When they say absolute beach frontage, they mean it.


It’s just 5 minutes walk to the Surf Club and, beyond that, the coffee shops and restaurants on the Esplanade. The Wharf and Underwater World is across the road, and fresh seafood is just 10 minutes walk in the other direction.

The apartments are quiet, well appointed and properly air-conditioned- a necessity in the Queensland summer. Despite the people downstairs having about 15 boys, we didn’t hear a thing. As a result I’ve been sleeping more soundly than I have in years.

Our apartment has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with an open plan modern lounge/dining/well-equipped kitchen area. Surprisingly for a holiday rental, the lounge passes my husband’s ultimate snore test.


We have a little balcony, beyond which is the surf. I sit out here with my book or my laptop and a glass of wine and pretend to read or write.


Really, I’m listening to the ocean.

view from the pool chair
view from the pool chair

In the mornings the lorikeets come down to feed on the seeds in the palms- fighting noisily amongst themselves as they jostle for prime position. The rest of the time, the scrub turkeys keep me amused.


There’s a pool, and a BBQ- both of which are clean- although we haven’t used either as much as we thought we would.


It’s the beach that’s the main attraction here. It feels a little like it’s your own private beach. Of course, it’s not, but a girl can dream…right?

bc2Oh, the fine print? We paid our own way here and the opinions are our own…but if you are interested, you can find more information here.


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  1. It does look like a nice place to stay Jo. I like the foliage and sense of privacy. Some Sunshine / Gold Coast apartments can be too big / commercial / sanitised!

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