November and December…


November was full of eating, drinking, Christmas shopping and Melbourne.

There was something about Tonka– a great place to eat; something about Rose St Markets– a great place to shop; and something about Hosier Lane- a great place to look at street art.

I also told you why I love my fitbit, why I love airports, and something about changing rooms.

What I didn’t tell you about was the breakfasts:


Friday morning at Top Paddock in Richmond- check out Sarah’s hotcakes (above)…I had the eggs benedict with hash (below- with my friends brioche with ganache…)


and Saturday morning at Three Bags Full hidden away in Abbotsford. Just follow the cycles.


Get a load of my green eggs with ham…


Nor did I mention the amazing Christmas window at Myer…


I also didn’t share with you a walk along the Yarra (after that breakfast, we needed it) at Kew,


a wander around Studley Park Boathouse,



a cool bridge on the way,


and a birds eye view of the city (that’s Abbotsford Convent and Collingwood Children’s Farm in the foreground).


But now I have.


December was full of eating, drinking, Christmas shopping and, well, Christmas.

Sadly, there’s many photos I can’t share with you…and a few things I can’t tell you about the December and Christmas festivities…well, I could, but…

I did tell you about our Christmas tree tradition, but didn’t share the end result (as seen through the Christmas morning moet),


my matching wrapped presents (thanks Costco),


or the cool light effects (as seen through the glass of whisky thoughtfully left out for Santa).

1xmasI can also show you the extended family Xmas tree (pre kids descending on it),


and the family celebrations.


If you subscribe to my instagram account you would have already seen some of my nephews doing their “bomb-off” into the pool.


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