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I don’t spend nearly as much time as I’d like in our garden- and that’s only about ¼ of the time that I need to. As a result, September always means at least a few full days in there de-triffiding. Sometimes I swear the weeds are so long they could grow legs and walk out of there- if I trained them to do so.

Maybe that’s where John Wyndham got the idea for The Day of the Triffids? He was sipping a cup of tea on his back step one morning after a particularly good spell of weed growing weather and declared ‘by gum, these buggers could grow legs and walk!’

Maybe not.

Anyways, in the absence of my own blossom trees, I coveted others.


Where we ate…

September, as well as being about weeds, was also about lunches.

I made a rash declaration in September about Sunday lunch and how we were going to use it to try somewhere different each week, or at least a couple of times a month. I put rules around it about re-visiting and everything. ‘I’ll blog it,’ I declared. ‘It’ll be fun.’ We managed three, I blogged none.

Week 1: Father’s Day, Bungalow 8

Been there, done that, by the water.

Week 2: Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood


A repeat favourite. The pan-seared dumplings are incredible.


Week 3: The Incinerator, Willoughby


Now, this place was worth writing about…which, of course, I didn’t get around to doing. My fried chicken and herb salad was finger licking yummo.


I resisted the urge to sample their cornets, but hubby and Miss 16 shared one and declared it to be good. I guess it was.


Week 4- Burnt Orange and Middle Head Fortifications


Another repeat lunch spot, but well worth the effort. The outlook on a good day, and this was a good day, is pretty great. Sadly, I was fighting the battery on my (now ex) iPhone, so no photos of lunch.


Phone re-charged we wandered down to the fortifications at Middle Head after lunch. If you want the history of the place, check this out. Otherwise, the view is incredible.


What I attempted to cook


Rum Baba- and the first attempt was an abject failure. I wrote about it here.


I also attempted to re-create something I’ve never tasted in real life- egg foo yong/young. My BMF raves about it. Apparently there’s this place he goes to in KL to get it and it’s amazing and you’ll never be able to make it and yada yada yada. Anyways, I googled a couple of recipes and had a go at it. Essentially it’s a combo of Chinese barbecued pork and Chinese omelette of sorts. I think I’ll be wanting to try the real thing before I have another shot at it.

What I blogged about

I finally added a few more posts to my A-Z series. There was U (for Ubud), W (for writer), and X (for always marking the spot..ok for X factor).

There was also a self-indulgent excuse to use a few pics from the archive and pop something up about what escape means to me.

Bintan Beach 1

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