Before I get into August, check out this sunset. Not bad, hey? It was taken at an intersection on the way home. Yes, I was stationary at the time.

August began as August always does- with the annual “camping” trip to Eucumbene with my brother and his family. Ok, the term camping is used loosely- we sleep inside and there’s a flushing toilet and a DVD player for the kids, but it’s camping in that we cook outside and, well, it feels a little like camping.


This year it snowed. Lots. And lots. Enough to keep the beer cold.


And it was beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, my self saucing pudding cooked in the camp oven (for non camping aficionados, that’s a cast iron pot that you pop in a hole beside a camp fire). Here’s how I made it.


Cooking is a bit of a competition sport on these trips, so I did my research and ended up adapting a traditional style pork goulash. Mitch and I reckon we could write our own camping book- with a whole chapter on jaffles.


My brother developed the damper dog- a delicious cross between a damper loaf and a hot dog. Trust me, it tastes better than it sounds. We’d have a whole chapter on damper dogs too.


What else was I cooking?

These yummy little ricotta dumplings. Easy as.


I also mucked about a bit with the waterlogue app…yeah, I know what they say about too much time…blah blah blah.

Painted in Waterlogue



To round off the month I took a ferry across to Cockatoo Island. It was probably the coldest, wettest Saturday in August…possibly all winter…but that just made the light so much better for photography.



Anyways, I blogged it in September. Here’s the link.




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