The Symphony

June opened with a vividly coloured bang and crash of cymbals…literally…our very first visit to a Sydney Symphony performance coinciding with Vivid Sydney lighting up the Opera House- and other landmarks around the city.

I wrote about it here.


The Party

The social event for the winter was an oh so sparkly jubilee. I even wore a green wig for the occasion. I’m thinking it’s a good look…


The Service Trip

June was dominated by Miss 16 heading off to Hong Kong and China on a school service trip. As I said repeatedly to my BMF, it’s not that I was worried so much, as I had no control over any part of it- and, believe it or not, I’m a serious control freak.

Ok, I was worried too- which is why I tracked pretty well all of her flight pretty well all day. From take-off, to when it circled somewhere off Hong Kong until when she landed. Sad, but true. Yes, I know the app is going a tad too far- so please don’t write to me- but seriously, how cool are the pics?


It’s a weird sensation- letting go- and, I guess, one I’ll no doubt need to get more used to as she gets older and more independent. I’m proud, though, of the young adult she’s maturing into.

In her absence…


We went on a search for the best pho in Sydney…and I think we found it.


We also tried out a new farmers market- the Richmond Good Food Market– at the Showground in Richmond- not too far from our home in Western Sydney. It’s on every Saturday (although are closed now until the end of January) from 7am and is absolutely worth the visit. As an aside, they have one of the best websites I’ve seen for a local market, and their Facebook page provides a vendor update for each weekly market.


I also…


With the house so quiet, I spent a weekend in Melbourne with my friends.

Naturally, there was a little street art.


There was also an amazing meal at Chin Chin (that I wrote about here). I even queued- and would do again- it was that good.


We spent a morning scouting around Abbotsford Convent,



and the afternoon at a surprising Sculpture Gallery out near Frankston.


What I was cooking

photo copy

Mostly from my Balinese cookbooks. I posted this piece about tomato sambal. If you only make one sambal, this is a good one.


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