July opened with my baby coming home all safe and sound. Yes, I tracked that flight as well.


The weather was finally turning into winter, and the pace slowed a little accordingly. The cold weather meant more time to cook, and more time to read…so I did more of both- cooking and reading.

Somehow I managed to win a World Cup tipping competition- goodness knows how- so spent my winnings on a special night out for the three of us at Gowings Bar and Grill. It was a fitting way to welcome Miss 16 back home.


The asparagus and bacon salted cocktail was questionable (at best), the truffled mac cheese was decadent, and Miss 16 found the chocolate dessert plate lickable.


Yet another rejection had me contemplating the question of why I write– and ultimately led to my decision to self publish under the name Tracy Hamill– although that took another few months to come to terms with.



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