May was about celebration and sun…


First up was our wedding anniversary. Not just any anniversary, but 20 years married, and 25 together. I look at the photos and he looks just the same- just older, less hair, no glasses. I feel like a different person- and it’s not just the 30kgs, long curly hair and blonde foils.


Next up was Mothers Day. As we were flying out to Bali the next day, this year we opted against the posh lunch and popped into the city for something cheap, cheerful, Asian and street foody…and served on ironing board tables. How appropriate.


Then it was off to Bali- Ubud for a few days at the sublime Wapa di Ume,


where they decorated the bed and the bath in frangipani petals


and where we watched fireflies through the rice fields at night from our verandah.


We did a cooking class

me grating coconut
me grating coconut

explored the markets, and


wandered the streets.


and then down the mountain to the Padma at Legian for 5 more- spending a lot of time by this pool.


We also made it across to the East Coast where we explored a village,


surprised more dragonflies than I’ve seen in one place


and had another amazing meal at Bali Asli.



The meal we talk about the most, was the simply grilled seafood and water spinach with sambals that we had on a cliff top above the ocean at Tanah Lot.


Each evening we’d stop, find spot overlooking the ocean, and watch the sunsets.

bali sunset

I even put one into my watercolour app.


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  1. The first photo of the beach is stunning! Since Neptune has been squaring my 12th house Gemini Sun almost every background photo I put on computers and my cellphone have been a photo of the ocean. Weirdness.

    I’m not the woman I used to be either! I’m way better 🙂

  2. A big month! Agree with you & Tammy. Physically I wish I was the person I was 20yrs ago… But I’m much happier with who I am (in other ways) today!

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