I was standing right here in Queenstown when I took the call from my mate:

‘I’ve got a three month contract for you. It’ll be great.’

I was feeling broke and vulnerable. My friend knows me well.

Oh, and I’m still there….but that’s ok, it’s all good.

As a result, March was full of work during the day, and work during the night as I rushed to complete the freelance jobs that I’d already agreed deadlines on.


March was also about birthdays- mine and Miss 16’s.


My birthday was spent at Sydney Aquatic Centre watching her compete in Zone Swimming, and taking photos around the Olympic precinct in between races.



Hers we spent at Miss Chu’s in Bondi for pho


followed by a wander on the beach and a look see at the new art.




The following day she got her learner drivers permit. I don’t think I’ll sleep easily again.


We had a joint celebration with our neighbours, and I also managed to fit in a lunch at Chinta Ria with friends.

What I was blogging

Not much!

Best Meal


Miss Chu’s, of course- aside from the usual yumminess that is Chinta Ria.

What I read


Pretty well chick lit all the way this month.

The Wrong Girl, by Zoe Foster and The Wardrobe Girl by Jennifer Smart were the standouts. The rest, to be honest, was a tad fluffy… I needed the escape!

What I cooked

a lot from my new cookbook…


Lights Camera Action


Yes, I was on telly…talking astro.

It was a pre recording for something or another…I really should have paid more attention…but it was fun.


That was my March…how was yours?

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  1. I know this sounds weird but I’d felt a bit unsettled when you returned to work. I felt kinda justified in my decision to cut back (quit, whatever) as you’d been in the same situation. So when you returned to work it made me wonder if I should be doing something similar. I’m still not sure, but…

    1. Not weird at all. The weird thing for me was the non decision to go back- cos at first it felt like going back…even though the challenge has been something completely new. I miss our chats though…

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