Rose St Carpark…and the Market


A blog about a carpark? Really?

Well, sort of.

This isn’t just any carpark.

This is a carpark in Fitzroy…across the road from Rose St Market.

That means that this is a blog about street art in a carpark…and a market.

Got it?

The Carpark

All carparks should look like this…



The cafe across the road from the carpark next to the market


The Market


I went mad in a couple of stalls buying Christmas presents.


My favourites?

Hutch Melbourne for soy candles in seriously funky glasses and bottles and trinket bowls, and Long Silver Thread for Eastern inspired silver rings and necklaces. If the website is showing sold out against some of this stuff, you can blame me.

only in Fitzroy
only in Fitzroy

Rose Street Markets are on every Saturday and Sunday from 11am- 5pm.

Located at 60 Rose Street, between Brunswick and Nicholson Street, it’s an easy walk from tram 96 (from Bourke St- use stop 16) or the number 11 from Collins St (stop 17).

For more information, check out this link.


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3 thoughts

  1. Oh what an amazing carpark – and how good is that art?! The stalls look pretty cute as well. I must try and get to a ‘real’ market when I’m in Brissy at Christmas. (In the city for 6 whole days – which I’m dreading but guess is somewhat overdue!)

    1. Just how amazing is the art? I went mad at the stalls. I used to love the market at Eagle St when I was in Brissy for relocations etc.

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