Hosier Lane…an update


So anyways, I’ve written a few times about my love for street art. I love it’s transitory nature, I love how it adds colour to the urban landscape. I’ve written more about how well I think Melbourne does it. Somehow it feels more organic and less contrived down here than it does elsewhere. It’s underground, yet it’s not. I love that.

You’ll find those posts here, here, and here. In fact, just pop onto the Melbourne tab at the top of this page.

But (she says shrugging) that’s just my opinion. I know that to many people there is no such thing as street art- it’s all graffiti. I get that…and that’s your opinion. Art is supposed to prompt discussion and exchange of opinions and even controversy. The thing is, (again, in my opinion) there’s a big difference between tagging, destruction of property (and usually the ubiquitous cock and balls is involved) and art. At the base of that difference is respect and expression.

Anyways, Hosier Lane is probably the most famous of the city lane-ways. It’s regularly changing, so most visits, there’s something new to see. In fact, the businesses down this lane have included the street art into their shopfronts and their image.




So, without further ado, the soapbox is away, and here are some updates:








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