Friday 5: Airports


So, I’m writing this on Thursday, but I’m publishing on Friday, so it counts.

I’m also writing this from Sydney Airport, where Miss 16 and I are about to jump on a plane & head down to Melbourne for a girlie long weekend.

It seems the right time to talk about airports and why I love them. Five reasons, in fact…

The vibe

Yep, the vibe. The comings, the goings, the greetings, the goodbyes, the excitement, the not excitement. The faces tell the story.

The food

Yep, I said it. I might be fussy about my food, but seriously (some) airports are getting better. Yes I know that plenty aren’t great, but we just had tapas for an early dinner from Movida here at the Virgin Terminal…with a flipping good red wine. Enough said.

The journey

I’ve never got tired of it. When I do, well, it’s time to be giving it all away.

Airport bookstores

I always buy a book at the airport. Always. A real non kindle book. Today’s was Nick Hornby’s Funny Girl. I’ll open it when I’m on the plane for that part of the trip when kindles aren’t allowed and you feel like the plane is taxi-ing all the way to Melbourne.

The Departures Board

I love checking out the board and playing the where will I go next game.

What about you- are you a fan?

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  1. I’m with you, Jo…I love airports! I have no problem spending hours in them, and wish I could do it often because they are one of my favorite people watching venues. One of the things I’ve noted over the years is that even at some of the biggest airports in the states, it’s still rare to see a redhead. =)

  2. Oh… I HATE airports. But that’s cos I hate waiting. Waiting to leave, waiting for luggage, waiting for people. Also I just hate ‘travelling’ so there’s that angst when I’m about to go somewhere. (And yes, weird I know!?!)

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