Changing Rooms

painting thongs
painting thongs

So anyways, I’ve spent the last few days painting our bedroom.

Despite the jokes that I’ve substantially reduced the square meterage of our house with all the coats of paint that I’ve thrown at it over the years, I’ve only painted our bedroom once- and that was back in 2002.

That one was a big renovation. I painted the room in two shades of a deep jacaranda blue, we got new bedroom furniture, a posh floral Laura Ashley quilt cover, and matching lampshades for the lamps we got as an engagement present back in 1993. Pride of place on the wall was the same Monet waterlillies print that had been hanging over our bed since 1989.

Over the years I’ve changed bed linen designs, taken down a ceiling fan, replaced the heavy cream posh drapes with a double blind arrangement and left the resultant holes in the wall/ceiling/above the window.

the before...with posing pooch
the before…with posing pooch

I’d lie in bed looking at those holes and swearing that I needed to do something about them…and the wooden lime-washed door/window/wardrobe/trims and skirting boards that were so hot back in the early 90s when our house was built.

The problem was, I’d justify, to do the trims would mean sanding, priming and a couple of coats of slow drying enamel gloss paint…which meant the room would be out of action for the duration. Yes, I know you can get acrylic/water based gloss now, but I prefer the result of enamel. Anyways, I had excuses.

I even did the ceiling...
I even did the ceiling…

This weekend, I glad bagged the blinds (it’s THE best way to protect them),

glad bagged blinds & holes
glad bagged blinds & holes

popped my painting thongs, bintang singlet and oldest gym tights and finally did something about it. Yes, me…on my lonesome. I like painting, my hubby doesn’t.

I’m still waiting on the photographic tryptic I’ve ordered to arrive, but it looks and feels great. Bigger, calmer, more up to date, and no holes.

the posing pooch
the after…no posing pooch

Oh, the colours?

On the walls is Resene’s Sandspit Brown in full strength and quarter strength. I saw it used in a house in Wellington and grabbed the name. Bed linen is the latest range by Shannon Fricke.

I think I might carry the same colour into the hall…just don’t tell my husband.




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  1. Deborah says:

    I love the colour of the quilt / doona. Very pretty.

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