It’s 5am here in Sydney.

The house is quiet, and I can’t sleep any longer.

It’s a combo of the birdy dawn chorus, worry about what needs to be done in the office today and having to finish packing for a flight to NZ this afternoon.

So, I’m up, charging appliances, and getting together the docs I need for the week.

Passport. Tick.

NZ Currency. Tick…but will need more at the airport.

Email re Wellington accommodation. Tick.

Email re Nelson accommodation. Tick.

Email re ferry crossing. Tick.

Itinerary for Virgin outward flight. Tick.

Itinerary for Qantas return flight. Tick.

Oh look, there’s my Virgin reminder…oh look it’s for a flight tomorrow afternoon- not today…

And there was me having a giggle about the likelihood of this when I read Travelling Bag’s post last week…


On the upside, that gives me an extra few hours to get up to date at work…and to pack!

How about you? Have you ever got the date (or time) so drastically wrong?

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  1. No, I have never done this but I know people who have!! Kelly Exeter told everyone via FB how she and hubby missed a flight to Melbourne recently when they confused 12am and 12pm!! Nightmare!!
    I’m far too anal-retentive for these kinds of errors. Knock wood…
    Have fun in NZ…I really need to get back there soon.

  2. Haha Jo – did I not tell you to check EVERYTHING, even if you thought you already had. Lucky the flight was actually for the following day, not the day before 🙂

    1. I know…right? When I told my mate, he did the whatever sound & then confided he’d been a day late…more than once!

  3. Jo I am dreadful at checking times (my Pisces Sun/Ascendant no doubt). I rarely check itineraries or the calendar, I just rely on my memory. Once I was in Japan and assumed my departing plane left at a certain time. When I checked it right before we left I discovered it was over an hour earlier. In Tokyo getting to the airport is not that easy, so I practically ended up throwing myself on the plane as the doors locked! I have also missed a wedding (caught the reception though) because of my tendency to do this. BUT I can wake up in the night and guess the time down to ten minutes before I check the clock!

    1. That middle of the night trick is a real talent 😉 Thanks for dropping by, Ally…(from one Pisces ASC/Sun to another…)

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