Escape from the escape…


So, anyways, hubby came in the other morning brandishing the Traveller lift-out from the Sunday papers.

‘Check out this deal,’ he said- which is code for ‘can you stop whatever it is that your working on and look up where this place is and how much it normally would be, because I think it looks alright, and, while you’re at it, can you tell me how I did in the football tipping (EPL) last night.’

In the picture it looked great- a series of paths that, from the sky, looked like an oversized palm tree spread out into the ocean, with overwater bungalows along each.

‘You’d want a shuttle to get from this end one back to the pool,’ commented Miss 16.

‘It’s a bus ride into KL,’ I commented, already signing into Trip Advisor. ‘That’s good- it means only one flight.’

The reviews I read out sounded great.

Then I got to the one that talked about the nightclub singer and how even though he was good, it went on relatively late and the noise travelled.

Hubby and Miss 16 looked at each other and grinned. Phuket. I’ll never stay at that particular resort again.

Then I got to the one about how beautifully secluded the resort was, but that transport could be arranged to get to the nearest town.

Hubby and Miss 16 looked at each other and grinned.

‘Night noise and seclusion…there goes that idea…’

Bintan Beach 1

A few years ago we spent 5 nights in a gorgeous resort in Bintan Island, in Indonesia, but just off the coast of Singapore. It was beautiful…but isolated. Miss loved it, hubby and I couldn’t wait to get on the ferry back to Singapore.

Sure, it was relaxing, the evening noise was kept at the main block, and it had one of the best resort pools we’ve experienced, but knowing that we had to arrange transport to leave the resort, knowing that there were no options other than one of the resorts restaurants to eat at, felt a little like being trapped. The security gates and subtle presence of guards did nothing to alleviate that feeling.


Would I recommend it to friends? Absabloodylutely…you’d probably love it…it just wasn’t for us.

It’s like when we were looking for somewhere to spend some time in Ubud earlier this year. It was our 20th wedding anniversary, so we wanted somewhere a little special, yet still close enough to town so we could eat locally.

‘You’ll love this place,’ one friend suggested, ‘it’s beautiful- you never have to leave the resort- we didn’t.’

Another suggestion came with the line, ‘it’s not like you’re in Bali at all- you don’t get hassled, it’s tranquil, and it’s cool.’

Indeed, both did look gorgeous- but not having to leave the resort? Not being like you’re in Bali at all? Why bother with the flight?

Where we ended up staying- Wapa di Ume– was perfect- quiet at night, but convenient enough to town to ensure we had alternatives and the opportunity to escape from the escape.

In the end, that’s what it comes down to for us- a mix of oasis from noise, but the option to join it if we want to.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have fantasies about an overwater bungalow in Moorea or Bora Bora though…

What about you- what’s the deal-breaker for you when it comes to holiday accommodation?

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  1. I’m not a great tourist so love the idea of just vegeing when on hols – but, for the reasons you mention, I often used to holiday at home. I had everything I needed given that all I wanted was to relax. However… I can cope with the occasional touristy thing so just need to balance it.

    My dream holiday to Italy (for eg) includes an entire week in Tuscany – just to vege and soak up the culture / atmosphere. I can then probably handle a few days of museums and galleries and crap either side of that.

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