W is for Writer…


A couple of months ago I posted this piece about why I write.

Since then, I’ve made a few decisions.

A pseudonym

Yes, I’ve invented a new name- and a new persona- just for the fiction piece. It separates the astro from the other and, even though I’m not keeping it a secret, feels like it gives me the freedom to write my own thing. This feels especially important while I’m working in a corporate environment. How’d I come up with the name? It’s a combo of my surname and a family surname.

Self Publishing

I’m doing it. I’ve contracted an editor, I’m now looking for a cover designer. I thought finding the former was tough, but finding an illustrator/designer with publishing experience prepared to work with an indie author seems tougher.

If you have any recommendations, please pass them along.

A new blog

With the new name comes a blog for the book books (hey, I may as well think big!). It’s the blog about the book. It’s also about the major theme in the book- renovation:

  • The telly type renovations
  • The renovations we do on ourselves
  • The triggers that force us to move out of our comfort zone and renovate our boundaries
  • The de-cluttering and stripping away that has to happen before real, lasting renovation can occur

…and stuff like that.

Oh, it’s about love as well- the book, that is…not necessarily the blog.

The blog will track my self-publishing journey- the milestones, the project plan, the mistakes, the fist pumps.

It will also have a bit of travel- mostly the parts of Melbourne where my heroine lives…the suburbs, the food, the shops…

It’s still a work in progress, but if you’re interested, you can have a look over at traceyhamill.com.

The astro

I’m stepping back from it a little. It feels like I’ve said and I’ve written most of what I want to say and write for now.

I originally started with the astro as a way of finding myself and freeing myself. Right now though, it’s beginning to feel like it’s stifling me- as if the responsibility to produce it is stifling me.

It’s absolutely part of me, and always will be, but fiction feels like where my priorities need to lie for now.

The freelance

Not going there at the moment. I haven’t since starting back in partition land for 3 months, 6 months ago. I might pop a toe or two back in when my contract finishes, but again, it’s not where my priorities are right now.



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    Oh so exciting Jo, I want to hear more!!!!

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