10 Books That Changed My Life….


I’m having a bit of a tiff with Facebook at present. I don’t want to be on it.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in what my friends are up to, just that I’m over the game requests, the what movie/book/medieval/zombie character are you quizzes, the boundary creep between astro and personal, the… well, you get the idea.

I’m also not into tagging…usually… I especially detest being tagged in photos that I’m not in, to participate in challenges I have no interest in…as I said, you get the idea.

Which is why the post I was tagged in the other day- one about the 10 books that influenced my life- is turning into a blog post. So thank you to the lovely Aileen…and I mean that.

Books have always been an escape for me- from reality, into my imagination. They’ve also helped me escape noise- from the noise of the house when I was a kid, from the noise of the world now I’m all growed up.

I’m a series girl, and I’m a re-reader…so here goes:

1. Asterix and Obelisk.

I loved these guys, and I read and re-read everything in both the Merriwa Shire Library and the library at school.

2. Enid Blyton

Ok, apparently this is politically incorrect. Whatever. The point is, these books got me reading chapters, real chapters. I pictured magical worlds of faraway trees, schools where people spoke funny and played games with sticks with nets on the end of them, where kids and dogs could explore caves and foil the plans of smugglers.

3. Nancy Drew

I wanted to be Nancy Drew- I wanted to be that smart, I wanted a friend like Ned, and I wanted to drive in a jalopy…just what was a jalopy, anyway?

4. The Hardy Boys

These guys were great on their own- the literary equivalent of a boy band- but it was a marriage made in heaven when they teamed up with Nancy.

5. Trixie Belden

Where Nancy was smart and a little conservative, Trixie seemed more laid-back, more sporty, more ready for action. She spent more time outside, doing outside stuff.

6. Pride and Prejudice

What can I say? I read this book at least once every couple of years and I will forever be grateful to the English teacher in my HSC year who brought it alive for me. It is probably my favourite book in the world.

I’ve read all the Austen’s, but Lizzy is by far my favourite female character and, as desirable as Darcy is, I reckon I would have fallen for Wickham…I also would have fallen for Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility)…. What can I say?

7. Wuthering Heights

Probably the second most read book in my house. I love the song too- just saying… It’s all that dark, brooding passion. It’s also the way Heathcliff is able to transform himself and have that intense love, and maintain a grudge over so many years. It’s Scorpio and Pluto brought to life- although I didn’t know that back then.

8. A Tale of Two Cities

Yes, Dickens is making my list. Reading this one was like reading a movie. I could see it, I could hear it, I could smell it, I could feel it.

9. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Of course.

I think there’s a little of Bridget in most of us- and isn’t that what chick lit is all about?

10. Phryne Fisher…and Corinna Chapman

Two completely different heroines from the keyboard of Kerry Greenwood. The setting is Melbourne- Melbourne as I know it now, Melbourne as it used to be. And as for Corinna’s boyfriend, Daniel the investigator…yep, I would have too.

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  1. I feel a bit the same about FB at the moment. I think you know I’ve unpublished both of my old blog pages and I’m yet to install messenger (and will avoid doing so if I can!).

    Obviously as we’re the same age I can relate to SO many of your books, but I’ve never heard of Asterix and Obelisk – must google them!

    I’ve also not read the Miss Fisher series but – as you know – I love the show.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever read Wuthering Heights and am sure I only rail against it cos we had to read it at school. I’m the same with Tale of Two Cities… (Yes, am an infidel!) 🙂

    1. tsk tsk tsk…I reckon you can enjoy these more as an adult when you don’t HAVE to read it. The whole study thing kinda takes the enjoyment out of it all…

    2. Yeah, I’m only keeping FB open at the moment because of the astro page. I duck in & out. I’ve turned messenger & notifications off. I suspect I’ll turn the page off at some point- spend more time on Twitter.

  2. I’m with you till number 5. I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden too. Then I’m not sure what must’ve happened to me. I’m one of those people who don’t like Jane Austen.

    1. Aaaaah there’s plenty out there who don’t like Jane. I read some crime these days- love Angela Savage & Sulari Gentill’s work, but mostly still to escape. I enjoy my chick lit, but in most cases, not enough to re-read.

  3. Wuthering Heights – book & song absolutely – in fact my daughter was named after Cathy (but we used a bit of poetic license and used a K instead of C). Also love Corinna Chapman, I enjoy that series more than Phryne Fisher.

  4. As a child I was in love with Paddington Bear, my latest loves are generally the last ones I have read. A newbie favourite is Brooke Davis ‘Lost and Found’ x

    1. Oh I hear you on the last ones read. I recently finished Nick Earl’s Analogue Men- it was laugh out loud good.

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