Why I love…Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue

I’m a bit of an app fiend. I love a new one.

I’m absolutely a sucker for something photography rated. It’s a little like when I used to run a manual SLR camera and would fiddle with pushing film speeds, filter applications and lens choices. Not to mention choosing specific films for specific purposes. Back then you could’t just change a film speed depending on the light for that shot, you had to make that decision for the whole very expensive roll.

Anyways, I’m showing my age.


I’ve been playing with it on and off for a few months/ What does it do? It takes your photo and turns it into a watercolour painting- like the photo above. Sure, it’s not like a real watercolour painting, because, well, it’s cheating, but it’s enough like it to make you stop and go aaaaah.

The original is below.



You can waterlogue pretty well anything you like.

Painted in Waterlogue


The pic above is a shallot pancake at yum cha one day, while below is the before and after of the other nights kung po chicken.


I’ve had limited success with portraits- the key seems to be all about the background. The one below is an old photo of me taken 20 years (and 20 kilos) ago in Singapore. I’ve used the bold filter and the colours are great.

Painted in Waterlogue

Speaking of which, like any good photo app, this one has different filters. I’ve mucked around with a couple below.


Check out what the app did to a shot I took from the car of a Sydney sunset the other week.

Painted in Waterlogue

This one is from Bali

Painted in Waterlogue

so is this

Painted in Waterlogue

So, how does it work?

Too easy.

The app is available from iTunes. I don’t think it’s available yet on android. It’s not a freebie, so will cost you a few dollars.

1. Upload your app in the usual way. and open it.

2. The screen will look a little like this- except of course yours won’t have the last photo that I played with on it!


3. Select the camera icon. This gives you the option to take a photo or use one from your camera roll.


I selected an existing pic. This one is looking up at World Square in Sydney.


4. Once you’ve selected the photo, the app will start drawing. You can watch it go through all the stages.


5. When it’s done, you can experiment with other filters, and watch the same magic happen.

6. Once you’re satisfied with the end result, click on the heart icon to save or share. You can share directly to your favourite social media sites or save first you your albums- I tend to do that.


That’s it!

Oh, I ended up settling on the illustration filter…

Painted in Waterlogue




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  1. pommepal says:

    What a great app.

    1. Jo says:

      it’s very fun 🙂

  2. Debbish says:

    Ooh… I like the sound of that. I’m not very visual and not great on the photo front but it sounds like a fabulous idea!

    1. Jo says:

      you’d go mad just looking out your window, Deb!

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