How to make: Chocolate Pavlova


So what do you bake when it’s your turn to bring dessert and you need to cater for some gluten free eaters?

Maybe a mousse- light and airy and chocolatey?

What about meringues or a pavlova?

How about something that combines a little of the above?

Nigella’s Chocolate pavlova has a chewy fudgieness and chocolate hit that elevates it from mere meringue to something so much more.

I topped it with dollop double cream from Moo and More at Richmond Good Food Markets, some slice strawberries and crumbled flake bars.

Just perfect.

The recipe is in her Forever Summer cookbook…or here.


And as for that pesky problem of what to do with the leftover 6 egg yolks? This months Delicious magazine and Jamie Oliver’s lemon and pine nut tart to the rescue. Sure it’s not gluten free, but as long as you point that out to the gluten free guys, it’s ok.


Looks alright, doesn’t it? Even though I forgot to dust mine with icing sugar…


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