Some things are serendipitous.

You know, Meant To Be…with intentional capitals.

Some things are also synergetic- where the sum of the parts combines to make something greater than the whole…that’s a location joke (you must have had to be there…) but it applies here.

Both apply here.

It was entirely by accident that we ended up at Southbank Event Centre. It was entirely by accident that we noticed Mrs Brown’s Boys was on (as an aside, if you see it, don’t miss it). It was entirely an accident that our last minute ticket purchase landed us arguably the best seats in the house. And it was because of all that went before- entirely by accident- that we landed here- at Bangpop- for lunch.

I’m not sure if it was the bikes outside, the bikes on the ceiling or the lego on the bar that caught our eye, but the menu was certainly what convinced us. But together…well, it was definitely synergy…and Thai street food at it’s best- and most fun.

The event:

Pre theatre lunch on an overcast Saturday

The company:

Scintillating…of course…

What we ate:


My friend’s son and I argued over who would get to order the Larb Kai- ground chicken salad. He won….

My friend ordered a fresh looking Yum Goong (Spicy prawn salad), and her husband chose the Gaeng Luang Tai (Yellow Fish Curry)- great spice and depth of flavour to that one!

I opted for the Yum Phed, or duck salad with lychee, green papaya, mint, chilli and shallots.

An extra touch:

I love the very Bangkok touch of Thai condiments- chilli, rice wine vinegar, sugar and fish sauce- on the table for DIY seasoning…it’s a little like Thai salt and pepper.

What we drank:


Cocktails! Yes, at midday.

I had a Tom Yam Siam- vodka, lychee, fresh lime juice, red chilli and kaffir lime leaves, but there was also a Julep of Siam (tequila, mint, agave) and an Inner City Dragon (ginger, chilli & lemongrass infused vodka mixed with cranberry juice and lime) on the table.


The damage:

With cocktails, about $40 a head.

The verdict:

When cam I come back? There’s too many more menu items I’d love to try. This place would be perfect for Friday (or Saturday night) drinks and eats with a group. The space is large, the vibe is fun, the food is great.


Bangpop- 35 Dukes Wharf, South Wharf, Melbourne


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