Sydney Olympic Park.

So anyways, it was zone swimming today. Miss T had a full program-6 events. In that last butterfly leg she could scarcely lift her shoulders out of the water. She said both feet cramped up with 25m to go, so her shoulders had to do all the work.

During the boring parts, I took a break from inhaling chlorine fumes and wandered down Olympic Boulevard.

There’s the poles (above) out the front of ANZ Stadium. They’re there to thank schools, volunteers and other supporters. My Nan’s name is on one. In 2000, at the games, she was 82, and the oldest volunteer.

There’s the fountains.

I love this one way down the bottom near the walking trails.


It overlooks some pretty manky, algae bloomed ponds, but the ducks don’t seem to care…besides, the reflections of the sky look kinda cool.

photo-60Up near where the Sydney Easter Show will be in just a couple of weeks is this one that looks like a space ship. Water pours down all around.


I ran through the water to the middle to get this shot. Yes, I got very wet, but the pic I love…

photo-61Oh and the swimming? All good- and there was a sighting of James Magnussen…

2 Comments on “Fountains etc…

  1. Oh, I’ve never been to Olympic Park. In fact, I’ve only had one visit to Sydney in the last decade or so and it was for a conference and I saw little other than the venue and streets around it!

    It looks like a stunning venue!

    • it can be…it can also be a tough one to get to & get around!

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