Ivan, the Remarkable Cabbie


You know how there are those days when whatever queue you choose, it goes slower?

That was me yesterday.

At the Customs counter, my queue came to a standstill when the person in front couldn’t understand how or why the departure card needed to be completed. Then at the screening gate, my queue came to a standstill when the person in front of me couldn’t understand how or why a bottle of water actually counted as a liquid. Surely that’s not what they meant when they said no liquids past that point? Then it came to a standstill when the screening person put up her L plates. I get it- I’d rather she learn the right way.

On the other side of the Tasman, my friend sailed through quarantine, whereas I was redirected to biosecurity so they could watch me unpack my bag to investigate the tramping shoes that have never been off road. Just to be sure, he said. I get it- NZ is beautiful, and a strict biosecurity policy ensures that it stays that way…

But everything has an up side. If it wasn’t for a 20 minute delay in biosecurity, we wouldn’t have scored Ivan as our cabbie.

On finding out that my friend had never been to Queenstown before, Ivan took us to our hotel via the high road. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said, ‘this route is actually 30c cheaper than fighting our way through town, but is a whole lot more photogenic.’

He stopped the cab at a vantage point so we could get out and take photos. Then came the biggest surprise of all…. HE TURNED OFF THE METER. Yes Folks, it’s true.

And the views? Well worth the detour… And the water colour? Yes, it looks exactly like that- it’s as a result of glacial slips further up the valley…



Author: Jo

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  1. Really beautiful colours in the water. Did you end up taking your camera, Jo, or are these iphone pix?

    1. The colour really does look like that in the sun…& then changes in the clouds, & changes again. These were taken with the iPhone- although I did bring the nikon with me too…

  2. Stunning photos Jo. I’ve been to Queenstown, but in winter when it was snowy.

    And Ivan sounds like a lovely guy! You were very lucky!

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