Cooks Park Trail…Part 1 Kyeemagh to Ramsgate


So, anyways, my calf muscle is now pretty well healed, and the Routeburn Track is just over a week away. That means I have just over a week to get my head around both the distance and the hills, and get my head over the fact that I lost 3-4 weeks of training as a result of the injury. It happened, it’s healed.

So what if I’m slower than I wanted to be or more huffy and puffy than I wanted to be…it is what it is.

Thursday’s walk was designed to test out the calf, and also give me an idea of what it would be like carrying a pack on my back for up to 15kms.

Of course, the pack I took on Thursday was just my camera backpack, but with assorted lenses and other bits and pieces, the weight was only a couple of kilos less than my pack will be.  Also, the walk we did was flat, and bears little resemblance to the climbs we’ll be encountering on Routeburn.


Having said that, it was still a good test…and the calf came through pretty well- some lingering pain, but more of the suck it up princess variety.

The Cook Park Trail follows the foreshore of Botany Bay from Wolli Creek down to the Captain Cook Bridge at Sans Souci. We did just a portion of it- from Kyeemagh to midway between Ramsgate and Dolls Point.


What is there to see along the way?

Mostly water and planes. At one point the two were mixed as we saw a rainbow in the perfectly blue sky- presumably the result of aviation fuel or fumes. You can just see it in the photo below.


On a day like we had on Thursday, with the sea breezes taking some of the humidity out of the air, the water a million shades of blue-green, and the sand powder soft, this is truly a lovely stroll.


Looking across the water is Sydney Airport and the refinery at Kurnell. There’s a constant stream of planes taking off and landing, yet, surprisingly, the roar of the engines travels across to us only occasionally.


There are six netted swimming areas spaced along the trail. We passed four of these: Kyeemagh, Brighton, Monterey and Ramsgate. All have parking, toilets and change facilities, and food available.


How far is it?

The whole walk is around 13kms. Because we’d driven, we walk around half of it, before turning back and re-tracing our steps, getting some great views of the city.


If we’d kept walking, we would have wound up at Sans Souci under the Captain Cook Bridge.

A full map can be found here.

How hard is it?


The path is flat and follows the coast.

We walked relatively slowly and took the time to snap photos, watch planes, and faff about at the exercise stations.

What about the paths?

The entire track is well and evenly paved. In most cases, you’re sharing with cyclists, so remember to keep left- and listen for the bells.


Dog Friendly?

Leash only.


There are toilets regularly along the track.

Coffee and Eats

There are restaurants, kiosks regularly along the track, with plenty of fast food options available also at Brighton le Sands.

If you’re more in the mood for a picnic, you’ll find tables and grass on which to spread your feast.


Don’t forget…

A hat, sunscreen and water….There is no shade along this track. Oh, and swimmers and a towel if you feel like a dip.

Getting there…

This track is not easily accessible by public transport, but the buses so stop along the route. Check out 131500 to plan your trip.

If you plan on driving, there is parking at each of the beaches. We parked at Kyeemagh  We walked mid-week, so had no problems finding a free spot.


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  1. Looks like a lovely walk – and a nice day for it. I’m kinda intrigued by the ‘shuffle your feet for stingrays’ sign though….

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