Painted in Waterlogue

So, I’m participating in Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day challenge this month.

1. Me

This was taken at 5.30am at the gym.


2. Favourite

This is my favourite spot in the gym…if indeed, there is such a thing.


3. Orange

A bowl of orange lollies for Chinese New Year. Taken at Chinta Ria, Westfield.


4. Squares

How cool is this pixellated filter on piclab? It’s turned the business park where I have my hair done into multi-coloured squares…


5. Childhood

The close up of the design on this rhino has a childlike simplicity and fun.


The rhino is part of a series of painted rhinos around Sydney.


6. C is for…

Colour! This photo of some coloured pens has had a vivid filter applied in piclab.


7. Utensil

Lunch at Taste of Shanghai in Eastwood…chopsticks…of course.


4 Comments on “Photo a day…

  1. You have such a great eye – for colour and detail. I could look at the same thing and not even vaguely imagine how beautiful they could be!

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