The Week…


My week in a snapshot….

What I’m reading…

I didn’t actually finish anything this week, but I am a good two thirds of the way through:

  • Truth, by Peter Temple, and
  • Be Careful What You Wish For, by Alexandra Potter

What I’m looking forward to…

from the Facebook page for the show...
from the Facebook page for the show…

The return of Richard Roxburgh as Rake next Sunday night on ABC.

What I watched…

Looking Through a Glass Onion at Sydney Opera House.Strictly speaking, this was hubby’s Christmas present.

Anyways, John Waters and Stewart D’Arrietta have been doing this two man John Lennon show for years- since 1992, if Wikipedia is to be believed. It’s Lennon in words and music, and it’s great. Although I’m sure when I saw it a few years ago, they did Instant Karma…whatever…Imagine still makes me cry and John playing John is incredible.

What I wish I didn’t watch…

My kitchen bench crack. It’s an acrylic marble look waterfall bench, joined almost invisibly up the middle. Now that join is not invisible, and there’s a crack also through the material off to one side.

It went off like a gunshot when it happened.

Not happy.

What I’m listening to…


I’ve been working this week to the sounds of:

  • The Morning of the Earth, and
  • Spirit of Akasha

The Morning of the Earth was the soundtrack from a 1971 surf movie. It’s been re-mastered, reimagined, and re-released, with Spirit of Akasha as a companion piece. I loved the original, I love this version more. It’s sounds a little like being in Byron feels.

What made me laugh…

I love love love instagram. I could click and post all day- except that it would drive my handful of followers flipping mental. I know that I’m not alone in thinking that sometimes- especially when I’m feeling blah- I look at other people’s feeds and wish I had their life.

The reality is, given that I only post selectively, I figure other people do too…it’s like how I only post book reviews on Goodreads if I’ve really enjoyed it- as an aspiring author, I’m conscious of what a bad review does to a person.

Anyways, this post, the reality behind instagram feeds, made me giggle and put it into perspective. 

What made me go wow!

Sydney Harbour on a hot, blue summers day. Seriously, it can’t be beaten for sheer look at me, see how gorgeous I am, wow factor.


and the Opera House…the old girl can still turn heads…


What I ate…


Lunch with hubby at the Opera Bar yesterday, pre show.

We shared a plate of lamb quesadillas with avocado salsa, and a bowl of corn cobs with coriander and chilli lime salt. Yummo.


What made me sigh “if only”

The sight of Rhapsody of the Seas parked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Maybe 2016…


What I’m faffing about with…

A new camera app waterlogue. It converts photos to watercolour paintings. I mucked around with it a bit at the sauna swimming club on Friday night.

Painted in Waterlogue

Cool, hey?

Who I’m following…

@sydneystreetartproject on instagram…for, well, street art. In Sydney.

What’s getting out of control…

My Bloglovin’ feed.

I was a little late to the Bloglovin’ party.

For those who don’t know, it’s where you can pop all the blogs that you follow, so you have one giant feed linking them all, rather than thousands of emails a day.

The only issue is, I haven’t yet organized mine, and I’m going a little mad with following blogs.

As part of my vague need to up the style stakes, I’m following a few of the suggested fashion and style bloggers, but the part of me that still wants to be a hippy when I grow up is finding some of them a little pretentious.

What I am inspired by is the foodie bloggers.

You know by now that I love Mel at The Cook’s Notebook. But I’m also just a little obsessed with the words and photos in Mindy Woods’s wonderful self titled offering.

In fact, I think I’ll try her green papaya salad with thai fish cakes tonight.

What’s pissing me off…

What’s happening with our World Heritage listed beautiful places. It’s enough to make me want to drag out old Save the Franklin River placards. Let the wild lands be. Don’t we ever learn?

While on the subject of soapboxes…it’s also annoying me how the word fall is creeping into some Aussie blogs- especially the style and fashionista ones…and especially the more pretentious ones…the ones that I’m gradually unfollowing. When I say fall, I mean as a descriptive for the season. Sure it’s minor, especially compared to sharks, Tasmanian forests and the Great Barrier Reef, but here in Australia we have Autumn…then Winter.

That’s all.

What I’m grateful for…

My chiro/wellness practitioner. Thanks to some extremely painful treatment, I’m mobile again and, while still restricted in what I can and can’t do, am ahead of schedule in regards to healing. I said this last week, and I’ll say it again.

This week though, I’m almost fully mobile again…and that’s a great big yay with Routeburn in three weeks!

That was my week…how was yours? Do you have any instagram suggestions for me? Style and fashion blogs specialising in the middle aged hippy? Maybe I should start my own…boho chic for the overweight, work at home 40 somethings…

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  1. I always laugh at Nikki’s (Styling You) Everyday Style pics – on the days she shares everyone’s pics. I know it’s a bit like Instagram and people only share the good stuff, but given that I’m currently wearing a tshirt and comfy cotton cycle pants (which would never see the light of day) I hate to think what my Everyday Style would be like.

    As you know I’m currently doing some book reviews and HAVE to write about everything I get a preview of – which is hard if I haven’t liked it. Obviously there’s that fear of insulting the author, but then because I HAVE to write something I feel I have to be honest. I’ve been really negative about a couple (but they were big-time authors and one was mostly about its translation anyway), but I do worry about what I say in others. I currently have an email from an author asking for a link to any reviews I did on her book. I didn’t do one in my blog – just on Goodreads – and gave her book only 2 stars. I said it was enjoyable, but a bit like TV movie of the week rather than a blockbuster. #oops

    I used Feedly for blog reading and have 3 categories (which don’t entirely make sense): writing and blogging; health dieting and fitness; and faves. I could probably better group them in (MUST READ & COMMENT; READ AT SOME TIME; READ IF YOU HAVE TIME!)


    1. Usually when I see Nikki’s posts I’m in my work havianas, a beach dress, or my swimmers. Stylish NOT! I have to spend some time organising mine. 🙂

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