Week in Review…


My week in a snapshot….a day late.

What I’m reading…

I just finished reading Alexandra Potter’s new chick lit offering The Love Detective. I want to add India to my bucket list now. And a fedora.

I also read Peter Temple’s The Broken Shore.

You can catch my reviews on Goodreads.

What I’m looking forward to…

Don Hany as Joe Cashin in ABCTV’s adaptation of The Broke Shore next Sunday night.

What I watched…

Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit.

I read all the Jack Ryan books many years ago. This franchise brings him into the now, and I liked what I saw. It’s intensely exciting, but directed by Kenneth Branagh, it’s not all noise and gore.

What I didn’t watch…

Any of my favourite shows- the tennis (Australian Open) has taken over the programming. Maybe the tennis would be exciting if:

  • I liked tennis, or
  • I was in Melbourne and could enjoy what must be an electric atmosphere. No one does a sporting event quite like the Melbournians.

But I neither like tennis, nor am in Melbourne, so bring back Scandal, I say.

In lieu of anything new, I watched both series of Rake– just to prepare me for Series 3…on ABCTV from February 9. It’s been a long time between drinks.

What made me laugh…

Some mates and I have had a challenge to post funny shots on instagram each morning- to start our day with a giggle instead of a frown.


What made me go wow…

Any of Clark Little’s daily posts on instagram. If you don’t follow him and you’re into ocean and surf photography- or just like a good landscape…well, you should be following him.


While Clark Little is based in Hawaii, Aquabumps are from Bondi. If you’re into the above ocean type of stuff, you should be following them on instagram too…


What I ate…

Lunch with a girlfriend on Wednesday at Youeni Foodstore. Yes, I know….again. I had the roast chicken with chickpeas, corn and jus. At $15.50, it’s one of the yummiest and best value lunches in town. And it’s local.


What I didn’t eat…

Either of these desserts at Bathers Pavilion Café at Balmoral….although I did sneak a raspberry from my daughter’s white chocolate and raspberry trifle.


What I wish I didn’t do…

Tear my calf muscle last Saturday- yes, just 5 weeks before I tackle the Routeburn Track.

What I’m grateful for…

My chiro/wellness practitioner. Thanks to some extremely painful treatment, I’m mobile again and, while still restricted in what I can and can’t do, am ahead of schedule in regards to healing.

That was my week…how was yours? Do you have any instagram suggestions for me?

Balmoral Beach
Balmoral Beach

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  1. Love your pics. The first one is stunning! I didn’t watch the tennis either as you know (though was inadvertently subjected to it on brief occasions while at my mother’s for her birthday). I didn’t know about the program on Sunday night. I am a Don Hany convert after Serangoon Road so may well have to tune in!

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